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Both sides think they’re right.
Only one side is censoring you.

That doesn’t guarantee one side or the other is telling the truth. Both sides could be wrong.

But it does guarantee which side I’m going to oppose.


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  1. He is not wrong. The stronger they protest that there’s nothing to see, the more they sound like the child that gets caught with cookie crumbs on their face..
    For the first time in my life I didn’t trust that it was a fair election.

  2. Truth destroys evil. Lies don’t necessarily destroy good. If one side feels the need to censor, it is most likely the side of evil.

    • True, but beware the false dichotomy. The “good cop” isn’t your friend any more than the “bad cop”, for example. They’re both practiced actors, partners, and they’re working together for the same end. Your end. Of course one of them must be blatantly “bad”. It’s a primary requirement for the ruse to work.

      The Dialect Method, as our would-be rulers have been teaching one another for generations, works extremely well, not the least of reasons being that no one wants to admit having been played. One “side” standing up and declaring itself your champion, causing you to invest your hopes in that “side” is an especially insidious tactic, and it works practically every time it’s tried. We’ll tend to cling to that false dialectic as long as possible, as the alternative is itself extremely difficult or painful contemplate. It’s also an excellent fund-raising tactic, by the way, for both “sides”.

      It makes us too uncofmfortable to even think about it, doesn’t it? See? Win win; for how is it possible that I too, thinking myself a wise and intelligent man, am being played?

      And yet there is an absolute, rock-solid standard for all truth and goodness, and a basic law by which all can be judged. It’s been around all along, and it’s simple enough for anyone to understand. But we’ve become too “pragmatic” (another word for “cowardly”?), having thrown that “baby” out with the bathwater, so to speak.

      And so the man who thinks himself the pragmatist, the “adult in the room” as it were, will be the easiest to fool using the Dialectic Method. Psychologically, he is almost 100% incapable of overcoming it. His final realization of what happened to him, and that he played an active role in it, will come only long after it’s too late for him.

      The one and only alternative is to be the “extremist fundamentalist”, and who wants to be THAT? See? Exactly.

      That’s how the entire world will be brought down to its lowest state ever, and how there’s no preventing it. We’ll be directed from one false “savior” to the next, in a string of false dichotomys, as easily as a pig farmer walks his prize hog to auction, steerig it with a cane.

  3. I believe it was Mark Twain that said, “The more a man tells me how honest he is, the tighter I hang on to my wallet.” I believe we are seeing a corollary to this in the political debates of today,

    • Somewhere in Ralph Waldo Emerson’s turbid writing there’s a line, “The louder he talked of his honor, the faster we counted the spoons.”

  4. Many on the left….mostly the useful idiots….are true believers.
    However the majority IN CHARGE on the left KNOW the facts.
    They simply don’t care. If lying to us, censoring us, abusing us
    will serve their agenda….which is MORE POWER for them then
    THAT is perfectly acceptable. Evil KNOWS it is evil. Hiding that
    fact however is useful to them. But as they grow more and more
    powerful they have less incentive or need to hide their evil. And
    we are seeing their evil more and more blatantly. Most however
    refuse to acknowledge what they see. Doing so would require that
    they accept reality. The reality that life as they WISH it was is over.

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