Election fraud stories

I as I said in my previous post I work with computer security. I know how tough that is to do right and how easy it is to believe things are security when it’s actually, for all practical purposes, a wide open system.

I only had one story from the election security world and I didn’t think that was sufficient to make my point. Just a few minutes ago I found another story which may help to prove the point that my concerns about election security also being a very difficult problem. The information was from a somewhat private forum so I’m removing the attribution:

I recently had an old guy from Northeast Philly tell me they used to grow beards for Election Day. Because you could get 3 or 4 votes out of a good beard by shaving a little off before revoting.

My personal story comes from an acquaintance of mine who used to live in Indiana. They were a volunteer who helped count ballots. Ballots, by law, would be discarded if there were extraneous marks on it. The ballot counters would put a small piece of pencil lead under their thumbnail. When a ballot came through that was a “straight ticket” of the opposing party, which became relatively ease to identify with a little practice, they would give the ballot a swipe with their leaded thumbnail and then show it to the opposition ballot counter who would agree the ballot should be discarded.

It is this sort of thing that makes me believe all the testimony from numerous election officials and elected politicians claiming the elections were fair and honest are meaningless. Even if they watched the process with their own eyes a skilled fraudster could get away with massive fraud and the observer would be clueless.

Good security is very, very difficult.


4 thoughts on “Election fraud stories

  1. Yes…… it is fairly easy to cheat as part of the voting process…IF you are so inclined. It is not easy to create a system that is cheatproof AND that allows
    everyone to vote quickly and efficiently AND allows for the tally of votes to happen in a reasonable time frame. All systems can be ‘gamed’ if someone wishes to do so.

    The solution to this problem is not trying to build a cheatproof system.
    That isn’t really possible. The solution is to HANG every single person ever caught cheating. You can’t catch them all. But if you HANG the ones who cheat and are caught you are telling all the other cheaters that eventually THEY TOO WILL HANG. Make the penalty SO SEVERE that the risk is far too great to contemplate the action. We don’t execute NEARLY enough evil people in this country. If we did we’d have a much more peaceful society.

    • I’m down with that, though gibbeting, burning at the stake, crucifixion, impalement, or public lottery firing squad would be acceptable alternatives.

      But yes – there are two factors to deterrence: likelihood and penalty. If apprehension cannot be high-probability, then the penalty must be high to dissuade people from pursuing it.

    • Absolutely right. People keep trying to focus on a tech (high or low) for fraud but the problem is that there is no downside for cheating.

  2. Obama’s highest number was 69.5 million. Trump with his rally work pulled 74 million. And the guy that told us on camera he was using the best “voter fraud team ever assembled” got 81 million votes.
    The guy that couldn’t get 20 people in a room. Slept through the campaign. And told you he was going to win by cheating. Then does.
    And people come to this blog and claim a fair election was done.
    The guy told you he was going to commit several felonies to win, then does, and you still won’t believe us when we say he shouldn’t be president?
    The truly ironic thing is no one respects Joe Biden enough to even believe him.
    That’s your new president folks.
    If we only knew. We could just have a few bureaucrats scribble some crap on paper a week before the election. Then have all 350 million Idahoan’s write in their native son, Joe Huffman, as president. We could fix this country in nothing flat!
    Think New York, California, Oregon, and Washington/DC, might have a problem with that? Even if SOCTUS and the lower courts don’t?
    We can be certain of this. No one is going to like the next couple years in America.. Except Chinese communist.

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