Quote of the day—Daniel Greenfield

It’s not the Confederacy, long defeated, they are out to kill, but the thing that all radicals hate the most, the moderate ideas on their own side that compete with them for the hearts and minds of their base.

The mobs aren’t just here to smash up old Confederate officers. They’re out to destroy Lincoln and Grant, to tear down the Columbus statues erected by Italian immigrant groups who wanted to plant a civic flag to show they belonged, and the statues of assorted Union officers put up by other patriotic immigrant groups to show that they too had a place in the nation.

And what the mobs are out to destroy, most of all, is that old liberal vision of America. And, by the time they’re done, if there are any liberals still left, they will throw them in the same rivers and fires in which they’re casting those old symbols of progress, the explorer who defied the skeptics, the men who envisioned a representative republic, the emancipation of the slaves, and a modern America.

The mobs are coming for our history and our future. They’re coming for America and for progress. Americans used to believe that things will get better. The mobs are here to destroy that hope.

Daniel Greenfield
June 26, 2020
When Marxist Mobs Come for the Liberals
[This is somewhat consistent with what happened in the Russian Revolution. Once power was consolidated the moderates were executed.

We live in interesting times.—Joe]


2 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Daniel Greenfield

  1. The communist Demonrat left is not just targeting the Confederacy and the history of the South. They are targeting ALL of American history for total eradication. It’s one of the fundamental tools of marxist revolution…..destroy the intended victims past. It’s a time honored tool of revolution. The useful idiots toppling statues and destroying monuments are exactly that….useful idiots. And will be among the first put up against the wall if the left actually achieves their goal of total control. These useful idiots serve no USEFUL purpose in a structured society. They have no skills, no special abilities other than being easily led. As such they won’t contribute to the increased wealth the leaders of the communist left will seek to acquire and they WILL pose a threat to their control. So they must of course be exterminated. All those who can and do perform meaningful functions that keep the lights on, the food growing and all the other things the ruling elite want to enjoy will be allowed to live. We won’t enjoy it but we won’t be exterminated unless we pose a threat to the power and control the commie demonrats seek.

  2. Do not call them by the names of their choosing. They are antiwhites. They are tearing down statues of white men, in a white country, whole spouting lines regarding the genocide of white people. Pretending that the score is otherwise consigns your children to participation in there hot portion of what is still a cold race war.

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