Science proves leftists are not normal people

From Correlates of discriminatory behavior:

Left-wing prejudice, however, does not manifest itself in discrimination against minorities. Rather it tends to be against white people. Additionally, conservatism appears to be becoming less of a predictor of anti-black bias of some sort, whereas the left wing version of prejudice may be becoming stronger. A somewhat small study of 88 students in a Californian university tested the effects of ideology on consequentialism, particularly when said consequentialism is racially based (Uhlmann et al., 2009). The researchers had the students report their political orientation on a scale basis. They gave the students two of the same moral dilemma, the Trolley problem, but with the race of the people in it being flipped. Some participants had to make the following decision: kill one white person or 100 black people; other students had to make this decision: kill one black person or 100 white people. Liberals were more likely to endorse consequentialism, meaning kill one person for the sake of 100 people, when the person being killed was white. Conservatism had no effect on this distinction.

Some other studies show similar results. Tetlock et al. (2000) showed liberals felt non-whites shouldn’t pay more for home insurance for living in a high-risk area but they were neutral when asked if whites should. And Goldberg (2019) shows white liberals are the only group which has an in-group distaste.


As people have been saying for many years now, it’s a mental disorder. These people just aren’t right in the head.

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2 thoughts on “Science proves leftists are not normal people

  1. It’s explained by r/k theory in The Evolutionary Psychology Behind Politics: How Conservatism and Liberalism Evolved Within Humans. Not so much a mental disorder as an alternative reproductive strategy programmed by biology, but one that manifests as a mental disorder given modern tech and the marvels of birth control (where a reproductive strategy can be pursued without actually reproducing.

    So it’s a three way race: “K” type conservatives reproducing (and taking care of their own offspring), “r” type liberals reproducing (and demanding others / the state take care of them), and immigrants (who have many “r” strategists migrating to greener pastures). If the “r”-types win, then civil war and collapse is virtually assured, but not a collapse back to a “normal” baseline, but a tech-dependent society with no more tech and oil. Yeah, could be ugly.

    • Yeah, I thought of that too. But I have another post I’m working on that had a higher priority than fleshing that post out. Thanks for doing that for me.

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