Interesting observations

It could be because the people who utilize this behavior are evil and deliberately create these narratives. Or it could be they have mental issues and, as people with certain personality disorders do, create no-win situations because in their own minds “it is never their fault”:


In any case, people need to stand up to such people.

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  1. It’s simple. People have debated “Nature vs Nurture” for pretty much ever. The progressives first said “All people are equal in the eyes of God,” and good people of America decided well, yes, sounds reasonable. They then said “they must be seen as equal under the law!” and the good people of America, after some grumbling, agreed. The progressives/socialists then said “it’s racist to say there is a difference in the intellectual potential or average of different races!” (even though the science of ethnic IQ differences is pretty solid, so this is a false premise). They then said “all cultures have something to offer, and we can learn from them,” and people, having seen the occasional good person from elsewhere, thought they’d go along with it (even though it’s a false premise, but it sounds nice and it’s hard to rigorously prove is isn’t true in a soundbite). The communists then said “multiculturalism is good (simply assert that it is so and run with it), and multiculturalism demands that all cultures be recognized as co-equal, with just as much to contribute to the world as any other (assuming a conclusion), and it’s racist and imperialist to even suggest otherwise (false dichotomy).”

    So, if neither “nature” nor “nurture” can account for different average outcomes, it MUST BE racism! (false dichotomy) that is keeping some people poor (not their own choices, or anything else).

    If you try to question any part of this, they’ll not argue, they accuse you and call you names, etc. It’s a giant con, seeking to bamboozle and demoralize and guilt western civilization into surrender with emotion and shouting and manipulation and threats rather than logic and facts. And we are almost there. It’s like radical feminism and communism is a big shit-test for the entire western world, and we are on the verge of failing it. What many of the useful idiots in this country don’t see is that if they win… they die a lot sooner, and much more uncomfortably.

    On, and a related post on this manipulation is here.

    We’ll likely know by this time next year.

    • I was astonished when I first read our alternative 1619 history published in the NYT. Surely, we would never accept that alternative, but with the events of the last few weeks, we are on our way to accepting it and rejecting everything that this country has stood for including ourselves.

      • Rewriting history is one step of any complete demoralization and take-over campaign. They are destroying your heritage. Buy the good history books, in paper, before they are burned.

        Speaking of, I should likely make a list of such things.
        I picked up a copy of Blacklisted by History: The Untold Story of Senator Joe McCarthy and His Fight Against America’s Enemies while back. Looking for something good on reconstruction. The crap by Foner is so left-wing it may be source material for the 1619 project.

        Two quick slave facts: Captain John Smith (ofJamestown fame) was a former slave (by the ottoman Turks), and so was Cervantes (author of Don Quixote, taken and made an Algerian galley slave for 5 years; his statue was recently torn down by some BLM ignoramuses).

      • They didn’t start with the 1619 project back in President Wilson’s day, they worked at it gradually, so the Americans would accept the examination of the flaws and faults in our founding statesmen, and then gradually the flaws and faults would expand to the entire society, as with Howard Zinn’s Honeywagon view of America. Thirty years of faults, and here we are.

  2. I have that on my tablet and was just showing it to some of my relatives last night. I further pointed out that every one of those contradictory assertions has been promoted in popular media. And yes, certainly; these narriatives are created so as to make an impossible, irreconcilable situation, and for no other reason.

    And it matters not that there are people short-sighted and dumb enough to believe that stuff. Regardless of who falls for it or who doesn’t; those who promote it know exactly what they’re doing. It isn’t necessary for everyone to fall for it, or even for a majority to fall for it and actually believe it, so long as it has it’s intended effect.

    It’s agitation with the agenda of de-stabilizing society. It’s the wrecking ball, as it were, which comes before the re-building. The removal of key structural elements prior to the final, controlled demolition. “Fundamental Tramsformation” as Obama put it, or the building of “The New World Order” as Bush senior put it, can take place only after the previous structures have been sufficiently weakened and then demolished. Sheer insanity has a specific purpose– People get frustrated by the sheer insanity, and will thereby be more willing to accept what’s coming as perhaps the less painful alternative.

    By the time the final demolition comes, most of us will have forgotten the original blueprint anyway, so any great sense of loss, or anything clear and palpable to fight for, will have been preempted in the minds of the people. This, by the way, is the very definition of Progressivism, which can also be defined as a slow, incremental revolution. Our resistance to “Redistributative Change” will have been misdirected and ablated down to the point where we won’t have any clear idea of what to fight for, because we won’t remember what we lost, or what to right against, because we will have accepted it principle if not embraced it in full already.

    With that in mind, now go back and read Trump’s inaugural speech. Don’t listen to it or watch it on video, because I don’t want you to think of who it came from. It’s not coming from Trump anyway, even if he did approve it and read it. Just read the text, and then tell me that we as a society haven’t already embraced collectivism, central planning or even full-on national socialism. We’re down to fighting over the manner and style of implementation only, and which figureheads we’ll accept. Once there, we’re already open to the new Dark Ages, wherein all roads do indeed lead to Rome.

    And rest assured; it’ll be beautiful, and wonderful, and exciting, and refreshing, and even amazing…until all hell breaks loose of course, whch it surely will.

    • Indeed.

      “The world does not need statues, relics of another age, that reflect neither the values of the person they intend to honor nor the values of equality and justice,” said Theodore Roosevelt IV.

      History is being remade as we speak. Very little of what we know of our history will be known in the future. After all, it is the winners that get to write it.

      Welcome to 1619.

    • Meanwhile, the stock market is up – there is money to be made, Think of all the new statues, history books, and memorabilia along with new social apps that need to be created.

    • go back and read Trump’s inaugural speech

      I would have thought you would know by now to not believe what a politician says. Believe actions. Not words.

      • How much collectivisation has he actually performed?
        The nevertrumpers act like he’s so far left, Hilary can’t touch him with HER left hand, and the Leftists accuse him of being a communist puppet.
        If he’s actively destroying Obama’s legacy, as Obama’s acolytes claim, he can’t be THAT much of a collectivist.

  3. This is an application of Ayn Rand’s observation that statists try to make everything illegal, so that they will always have a tool to use against you whenever they choose.

  4. In the 60’s & 70’s American cities experienced “White Flight” – in the 20’s & 30’s they will experience “Sane Flight.”

  5. Good meme. Straight to the point, it’s a no win situation. And the exact reason one needs to build a strong sense of, BFYTW, into your psyche. The beast will not be reasoned with. Nor should one waste one’s breath trying.
    As pa use to say; Just nock it in the head, and throw it in the ditch!
    Or as Jesus said; shake the dust off your heals of them!

  6. Deny the enemy the weapon of language. Racist is an antiwhite slur. It is without meaning other than as a slur. An anti-racist therefore is an antiwhite. Attack those who use antiwhite slur with the same vigor that antiwhite commissars attack those who use slurs to refer to non-whites. It is folly to regard antiwhites as simply opponents.

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