Quote of the day—Ashley Varner @AshNVarner

The gun range is not a good first date… if the girl shoots better than the guy.

Ashley Varner @AshNVarner
Tweeted on June 7, 2020
[I figured we needed something on the lighter side of the spectrum for today. We will return to our regularly scheduled depressing observations of our current situation tomorrow.

I could see Ashley’s assertion being true in the general case. I would like to think that if my first date with a woman demonstrated she was a much better shooter than me I would have been inclined to propose on the second date.—Joe]


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  1. After WWII my Dad stayed with his college roommate’s family during the summer while working in the area. One day the family went out plinking and the roommate’s sister out shot my Infantry veteran father. Not being stupid, he eventually married my Mom.

  2. My two oldest sisters both related separate stories of going plinking with a group of friends in their later teens and being surprised that they had outshot all the guys, let alone the girls.

    I had to remind them that we three had learned to shoot one day at an outdoor range with my birthday present, a single shot .22 rifle. Age spread was probably 6-9 years, although it might have been 5-8, but no one could remember which birthday it was. Dad taught all his kids, even his stepdaughters. That one training day was the only time those two were interested in shooting while growing up.

    • Both mine have been to the range a couple of times. Daughter liked the bolt gun in 6.5×55 and the hot/thumpy .357 mag the most. Son liked them all, except for handguns bigger than .357 Mag, but he’s only 14. Both have been to Boomershoot, and nailed 4″ boomers as well as clanged steel.

      If they ever go shooting with friends, I suspect they’ll do OK.

  3. The situation as quoted is this is the very first date.

    There are also other considerations required before proposing. Also, it takes time to get a proper ring in the correct size.

  4. I have to hide my ammo purchases from Mrs B., especially the .45ACP.

    If I don’t, there won’t be anything left for me to shoot…

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