Quote of the day—Joe Biden

And I’m a man of my word. And now that the new Prosecutor General is in place, we’re ready to move forward to signing that one billion dollar loan guarantee.

Joe Biden
January 23, 2018
Foreign Affairs Issue Launch With Joe Biden

[See also: Biden And Ukraine’s Poroshenko Phone Call LEAKED; $1 Billion “Quid Pro Quo” Discussed.

We live in interesting times.—Joe]


8 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Joe Biden

  1. Wasn’t there a chant in the media a while back? Something, something quo? I do know, it’s so hard to remember things from way back when we believed all women.

  2. Well there’s 60 mins. of my life I’ll never get back! At least we now have empirical proof of what’s wrong with the world. And why. If a brain eating zombie got lose in that room he would starve to death.
    I propose a new political system. We hold elections every 50 years. Then promptly hang everyone that wins. Then go back to taking care of ourselves. Wouldn’t the world be a much nicer place? Safer to.

    • I know you’re joking, but I’m seriously starting to think we should cede elections to an annual lottery that extends to the ‘elected’s’ appointments and rulings. That way the power hungry have less chance to run rampant laws that last way too long.
      But I digress, the corrupt will always find a way.

  3. friends:

    the famous “quid pro quo,” the lefties wanted to hang on trump, but could not. and, lo & behold!!, here it is hanging around joe biden’s neck, the payment in exchange for getting the ukraine off of hunter biden’s neck.

    i think biden is dead as a duck. clear evidence of biden using public money and influence of office to protect an idiot child. this is influence peddling at its clearest, and most evident.

    it will be interesting, how the lamestream media covers this, will it not?

    john jay

  4. p.s. need anyone need be reminded that pelosi, schiff and the other idiot searched for this “quid pro quo” for years, and the whole while that the infamous “impeachment hearings” drug on for months, trying to besmerch trump? any doubt that the dimmo’s are dirty as hell?

  5. Joe Biden will be the Ablative President, if elected.

    His meandering though process does suggest a real 25A vulnerability. Not the wishful thinking the Democrats wanted for Trump, but an unavoidably noticeable condition that cannot be concealed for longer than ten minutes.

    The articles of impeachment based on his prior conduct in office pretty mush write themselves.

    There’s a #MeToo issue he has that, while an allegation unlikely to be sustained in a court of law due to the late date, it has credibility that the Kananaugh allegation never had in any measure.

    When it comes time for Presidential debates, Trump should square up against Biden’s VP pick. I expect, however, that the Biden campaign will just refuse to do any debates so their candidate doesn’t go off the rails on national TV like a dementia patient.

  6. The chances of me listening to Joe Biden wax on about anything are none. I don’t know if he just likes to lie or as my grandmother would say he’s just mental.

    I think it was General Matttis who said Creepy Joe’s predictions on foreign events were a record setting 0% correct. He was always wrong.

  7. It’s not just that he is stupid enough to admit his corruption on video before an audience, it’s that smirk on his face as he tells the story – “Hey, let me tell you how important I am”.

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