Quote of the day—Glenn Reynolds

Bring the pain. It’s the only way these people will learn.

Glenn Reynolds
April 18, 2020
[This is in regards to a lawsuit brought by a professor being fired for calling microaggressions handout ‘garbage’.

“Bringing the pain” is also required in our fight for the rights of gun owners. The anti-rights advocates and politicians need to feel the pain of infringing up the specific enumerated right to keep and bear arms.

This is why I’ve been advocating they be prosecuted. 18 USC 241 and 18 USC 242 are possible means, and my preferred method, of delivering that pain. Prison sentences are for individuals as opposed to money paid by governments (taxpayers) to the victims of their oppression. In order for the pain to be effective it has to be brought to the individual responsible. As Reynolds says, “It’s the only way these people learn.”

The City of Chicago has paid SAF hundreds of thousands of dollars as a result of civil suits.That’s a good start and has much better odds of success than demanding Federal prosecutors to bring charges against politicians.

I’m open to other suggestions.—Joe]


One thought on “Quote of the day—Glenn Reynolds

  1. Suing for money is one thing. “Standing up” for “rights” is easier when you stand to profit from it.

    Pressing charges, on the other hand, proves one’s seriousness.

    And we can’t get a single prosecutor in the entire country. Not one. Does this mean we’re not serious? I believe it does. I believe that it is not mere evidence, but proof that we’re not serious. Furthermore it proves, beyond doubt, that there are no serious pro-rights organizations in the country.

    It’s one thing when you get millions of dollars in member contributions, a lobbying firm, a publishing empire and a fabulous museum, but quite another when you’re serious, and end up targeted for death as any serious pro-rights organization would be.

    Nor would it necessarily need to be federal charges filed. State constitutions are being violated every day. This means any sheriff working with a local prosecutor could be filing charges. None do. Therefore it is proven; we’re not serious.

    Anyway, the 2A issues are just one head of a giant Hydra which is the global authoritarian system. If we’re not targeting the heart, mind and identity of that beast, directly and in full view of the world (and by the way there’s not a Republican alive who could do that) if we’re instead focusing exclusively on the 2A, we cannot possibly be successful in the long term.

    But we can definitely sue for money, and wave flags, act proud, make veiled threats of violence, even feel good, etc., while liberty is being rejected or forgotten all around us (including among our own ostensible ranks).

    So the question becomes this; at what level of failure do we admit that it is failure, for surely a system which fails tomorrow, or next week, or in 100 years, already had its failure built in to it at the time of its inception. A time bomb having a long clock is still a bomb.

    But then again; neither “failure” nor “success” of an effort can be declared before one truly knows and fully understands the intent and impetus behind it. Nor can you say you agree or disagree with, or believe or disbelieve, a system or a group until after you’ve thoroughly understood it; you’d have not the ability nor the right.

    “What do we want?!”
    “Who’s gonna give it to us?!”
    “Lobbyists, Lawyers and Politicians!”
    “What don’t we understand?!”

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