Quote of the day—Kris Brown

At a time when we need our federal government to put the interests and safety of its people first, the Trump Administration has once again put profits over people. The Administration has used broad interpretations of the federal Gun Control Act to suggest that FFLs conduct business at a drive-by or walk-up window, as if they were a McDonalds, or at a temporary table or booth, as if they were a lemonade stand, removing the protective influence that responsible gun dealers can have on stopping the proliferation of crime guns and on educating gun owners about the risks of guns and how to mitigate them.

Kris Brown
President of Brady United
April 10, 2020
Brady Condemns New ATF Guidance for Gun Stores, “Unsafe and Indulgent”
[Interesting. The things you learn every day.

I didn’t know McDonalds requires government forms to be filled out, IDs to be checked, and background checks completed before you can drive away with your Big Mac. It does make sense though. More people die from obesity and heart disease than from being murdered by someone with a gun. Are there one burger a month limits too? That would really help. It’s just common sense.

And on the lemonade stand thing, I didn’t know that there was some sort of “protective influence” that evaporated in the open air. Does that only come in a spray bottle? Can’t that be obtained in 50 gallon drums and distributed in a continuous mist?

But the part that I find most revealing is that Brown tells us the reason the Trump Administration released the guidelines was because of “profits”. It would appear that in Brown’s world “profits” is a bad word and if “profits” are involved the activity clearly should be shut down. That aside, the concept of gun ownership saving innocent lives as well as being a specific enumerated right isn’t a part of Brown’s knowledge base.

It’s that and/or lies and deception. Very telling.

I hope Brown enjoys her trial.—Joe]


7 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Kris Brown

  1. Not only does that statement imply that profits are a bad thing, but it effectively separates gun buyers from ‘people.’ An alternative explanation would be to imply that ‘people’ cannot know or decide what is best for them, which is a similarity hazardous concept.

    Of course the real mind bender comes when you see that an organization that doesn’t have gun safety experts, much less gun safety classes, is complaining that owners need to be educated, “ about the risks of guns and how to mitigate them.”

  2. Last time I bought fries at MacDonald’s, I didn’t have a “cooling off” period to wait until I could actually eat them. Who would stand for cold fries?

    • Hey, it ain’t easy trying to stay relevant in world of 30 min. news cycles!
      Especially when you’ve been proven wrong so many times.

    • Hey, if they didn’t have ‘crap-for-brains’ , they wouldn’t have any brains at all.

  3. Kris Brown and his followers are very good reasons for me to be armed. They are too cowardly to directly try to take my firearms, but are all too willing to vote for scummy politicians who would send people to try to do so.

    Also, liberals have a nasty habit of becoming violent if they don’t get their way. See nearly every mass shooter, antifa losers, BLM, Bernie Bros, etc.

  4. “I hope Brown enjoys her trial”
    Hahahahahaha, wipes tears from eyes.
    You a funny guy. You make me laugh.

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