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  1. Well, it’s good to see that the kung-flu hasn’t changed everyone.

  2. This obsession leftists of both sexes have with men’s penises is borderline neurotic. That they on left have no other retort than to attack someone’s physical characteristics something that by their own standards is verboten, makes them pretty one dimensional

      • The left really isn’t into borders, and think anyone who crosses or gets near them at a whim is just fine, so yes, technically, it still counts for the leftists. 🙂

    • I’m more concerned with the fact that they are conflating sex and violence.

      Makes we wonder greatly about such folk…

    • It also reveals a major disconnect on the part of leftists. Theyare sex-obsessed, they are insecure about such things, and they apparently respond to shallow attempts at humiliation, but they seem to have no idea that we aren’t affected by such nonsense. It’s like a child trying to “insult” his hard-working, confident and productive grandfather– All it can do is make the child appear foolish, and if said grandfather previously suspected the child of being foolish, his suspicion will have just been confirmed.

      Then again; if the left were intellectually mature, they wouldn’t be trying to disarm the potential victims, while thus encouraging the criminals of the world by granting them a government-enforced monopoly on certain weapons.

      And so, yet again, we must conclude that if they have any understanding or discernment at all, any mind beyond pure emotion, they must be truly evil.

      So is it truly ignorance, or evil? I submit that it doesn’t terribly matter which, for surely the end results must be the same. I believe that the truth is, in the general, left-thinking population, somewhere in-between, that the leftists, or so-called “liberals”, generally, have a natural sympathy for the criminal element, being themselves of the rebellious mindset and thus resenting individual strength, individual confidence and individual inspiration and productivity (and coveting the wealth that such virtues tend to produce).

      They look at a free and therefore vibrant, productive society and see nothing but “problems” in need of “solutions”. For surely it is axiomatic that one who advocates wholesale coercion (government interference) in nearly all things would have some degree of natural affinity with the mind of the common criminal (and a jealous hatred of the strong and honest).

      And all of leftist (authoritarian) thought proceeds from that point. You may call it ignorance or you can call it evil, and I think both are elements expressed in the leftist population, but in the end the hatred, persecution and coercion they inflict upon you will feel exactly the same either way.

      I can tell you for certain that many leftists, especially in the higher levels of government around the globe, are deeply involved with esoteric and occultist religions of one brand or another (the papacy being an obvious example), and many of those, as it happens, are also into sex-worship or sex rituals of some kind (that sort of thing goes way back into antiquity and is still very much among us). That should give us a pretty strong clue as to what motivates their organizations, generally.

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