Quote of the day—anon

She demonstrates total ignorance and admits complete incomprehension of the subject and its complexity, and then demands we listen to her and take action on the topic.

March 9, 2020
Comment to Quote of the day—Lori Haas
[Excellent point.

The arrogance, as pointed out by Lyle, is very telling.

I have my doubts about the severity of the suggested punishment, but that is a concern for her judge and jury a later date.—Joe]


2 thoughts on “Quote of the day—anon

  1. I am taking action on gun control. Lori, you and your commie friends see my middle finger? We don’t care what you write down on paper. We don’t care what a murder of black robes say. And were hopeful Beto’s at the front of the stack when you finally do over reach.
    These people remind me of bitch fights where they have to work themselves up to it….Boring….. My kingdom for a communist with spine!

  2. “…demonstrates total ignorance and admits complete incomprehension of the subject and its complexity, and then demands we listen to her and take action on the topic. “

    That could serve as a fair definition of the left in general.

    It leaves out the main point however, and that has been and will be our downfall as a civilization. Its tacit and fatal assumption is that people who are smart enough, and knowledgeable enough, DO have the right to exercise coercion over everyone else! No, they don’t!

    In fact, there are things that are no one else’s business, lying as they do outside of all earthly jurisdictions, regardless how smart or knowledgeable the busybodies may be. The world’s greatest genius of all time, if we could identify him, does NOT get to tell you what to do or how to live and then enforce his orders with threats and violence. He may recommend, of course, but his genius does not grant him the “right” to practice coercion.

    I often get the impression that no one understands, or, upon understanding, agrees, with this and yet it is the foundational principle of the Bill of Rights.

    It is also firmly imbedded in the Decalogue (the perfect law of liberty). “Thou shalt not murder” comes with no modifiers or exceptions, and the Tenth Commandment is crystal clear on the matter of property rights, and so on, regardless of the relative IQs or the states of learnedness of the persons in question.

    We far too often argue over the intelligence levels, or apparent lack of knowledge, among the leftists, whereas these things have nothing to do with anything. In fact it is a matter of moral principle, or rather more importantly, of allegiance.

    And once again; would you rather have an evil genius in charge of “protecting” and “upholding” the constitution, or a thoroughly principled group of slightly below average intelligence who are prepared to stand at any cost? Obviously it’s not a binary choice like that, but I present it to make the point. I am telling you that those “idiots” that we enjoy ridiculing so much are in fact guided, directed and used by the evil geniuses of the world, AND that the opposite of evil is NOT intelligence, per se, nor facts stored in the brain, but rather it is the right morality and the right principles; the right allegiance (and it sure as hell isn’t the Republican Party).

    If we believe that our cleverness is the antidote to evil, we’re being as arrogant as the leftists who believe that their superior understanding grants them rightful coercive power over everyone. That makes us just as dumb as well. So how can we overcome evil if we too are arrogant and dumb?

    Even if we did, then arrogant and dumb would still prevail over the world. You will forgive me if I’m not terribly motivated by the prospect.

    How about that; as arrogant, dumb geniuses (assuming we are geniuses, which is kind of arrogant), we’re hopeless losers?

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