Quote of the day—Candace Owens @RealCandaceO

“African-American poverty has declined to the lowest rate ever recorded”-@realDonaldTrump

And not a single Democrat congressman applauded because they want their slaves back.


Candace Owens @RealCandaceO
Tweeted on February 4, 2020


7 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Candace Owens @RealCandaceO

  1. Not truth. Trump could say the sky was blue and the Democrats wouldn’t applaud because they simply won’t applaud anything he says. The same was true of Republicans under Obama.

    • John, the communist bubble boy! Glad your stopped by. Your wrong again John. I applauded when Obama left the white house. I think we all did. Hey, did you see all the plain white trash at the SOTU the other night?

    • I seldom watch the SOTU but I did last year. Democrats did applaud, maybe 10% of the time, at some of the things Trump said. I didn’t watch the entire thing this year but I didn’t see any applause.

      While saying the Democrats want their slaves back is an obvious exaggeration I do believe all of the good economic news is incredibly bad news for the Democrats. Hence, they didn’t have anything to applaud.

      • I did watch the whole thing. And a few stood and applauded. For somethings. I wouldn’t expect them to though. It’s hard to be happy about anything when your getting your ass kicked that hard. Lot of things I wouldn’t applaud either. Truly, the guy’s not half the wrecking ball we need in D.C.. Nor is he fighting as hard as he should. That’s probably why he’s there, and I’m not.
        But you can’t argue that was first class entertainment the other night.
        The biggest tell is how sore the losers are.

  2. Libertarian, not communist, but don’t let the distinction get you down. I enjoy getting replies from someone whose handle is “meathead.” Fun.

    • eMpTy Head buddy. And just like all the Libertarian, not communist things Obama did? Are all you people that brainwashed? Glad I’m a meathead.

  3. Saw a screenshot of this tweet on Facebook. First reply was “Really? Which one said that? Or is this from a Russian trolling operation?”

    Knowing the person that made that reply, I was (and still am) totally dumbfounded by his inability to extract context out of what was said — a school teacher of 30ish years who also speaks fluent French and Italian.

    Folks, this is the type of person who votes Democrat. It’s not so much the smarts are not there, it’s that for some the garbage forced into their heads (CNN anyone?) over the course of their lives obscures the otherwise obvious facts.

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