Quote of the day—Alan Gottlieb & Dave Workman

Here’s a challenge. Using your favorite Internet search engine, type in the words “No charges were filed” and see what happens. When the authors did this as part of our research, using Google we were advised that there were 925 million results.

Or try “No charges were filed in shooting” and one will find a more modest 30 million references. Even considering that there will be a multitude of repeat reports dealing with the same incidents, you are still talking about millions of self-defense uses of firearms. Some of these cases are intriguing and involve armed private citizens, while many involve police officers shooting suspects.

Alan Gottlieb & Dave Workman
Good Guys With Guns, page 133

[It’s a fairly quick read. I think I did it about four hours while on a plane. I wouldn’t consider it required reading but it’s certainly worthwhile. It will enhance your collection of data for debates on the utility of gun ownership.—Joe]


3 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Alan Gottlieb & Dave Workman

  1. Also note that numerous self-defense shootings never make the news at all so they will not be counted in Google for this surrogate estimation. All that really matters to you, is if you are one of those who has to warn, brandish, or shoot in self-defense.

  2. There are of course those who do not believe in self defense, considering it a usurpation of government authority (you’re not supposed to have any). One with such an upside-down, backward world view apparently can only hope it will never happen to him, and apparently also prefers that in a criminal attack, you are maimed or die and have your home looted, and that the police can clean up afterwards, rather than see any “violence” occur.

    I can only conclude that such a mindset exists due to an emotional bonding, or alliance, with the criminal mind. A violent, criminal attack against you is explainable, and possibly even justified (the injustices of the world, perpetrated by Deplorables like you, made him do that), but violence, by you, against the perpetrator is altogether unacceptable as it solves nothing (there are still injustices in the world which remain unaddressed, and in fact have only been exacerbated by you in the act of defending yourself).

    “For who are YOU, you Deplorable,” goes the criminal mindset, “to judge ME, when YOU made ME like I am?” This was the defense, in court, of Charles Manson, and that attitude is shared by many in politics (Obama and his supporters for example).

    The answer to that charge of course is; “I am not a judge, but the Ten Commandments condemn us all.”

  3. Locally, those terms applied to a case in the news here. A felon who had no further incidents with law enforcement for more than 10-years was pulling two of his young children around the neighborhood in a wagon.

    Two dogs attacked his kids, and the story goes that he ran inside, grabbed his wife’s pistol from the house, and shot the dogs. Both dogs dead, both kids required extensive reconstructive surgery, and “no changes were filled”.

    We should be just as outraged over the existence of the current paradigm of prohibited persons as if the charges were indeed filled and we were on this man’s jury.

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