Quote of the day—Sharif Hamza

I strongly believe that American gun owners are never going to give up their guns. It’s just not possible.

Sharif Hamza
March 26, 2018
Gun Country: A new generation of American kids embraces firearms.
[Via email from Lynn Z.

See also the video here.

As Lynn said, “Interesting Video… from The New Yorker!”

Take a new shooter to the range. We have to change the culture.—Joe]


2 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Sharif Hamza

  1. “They respond to the danger inherent in weapons—and the danger in the world, however remote, which often drives their acquisition—with determination to attain mastery.”

    And there you have it. Much to the chagrin of the left, not all kids are frightened, quivering, dysfunctional, helpless and angst-ridden blobs of jello easily nudged toward totalitarianism.

    This only shows the left that there is still much work to do– Strong, principled and confident citizens cannot be overthrown.

  2. ” As firearms have proliferated in the United States, so have gun-related injuries and deaths.”

    This is known to be “the opposite of truth.” Whether as a deliberate misleading, or a reflexive deposit, this is sub standard performance for an organization that presumably has research resources available, and layers of editors. \smack.
    However, the photographs are very nicely done.

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