Rebellion is about winning hearts and minds

Sean points out the failure of the Extinction Rebellion to convince people of the righteousness of their cause by disrupting their lives. Mob action is a form of direct democracy. Democracy has its dark side.

It’s easy to demonstrate Extinction Rebellion claims are almost for certain in error. But even being 100% correct in your facts, logic, and principles doesn’t guarantee success. If your position is only shared by one out of every 10,000 people your position isn’t getting adopted.

Get more people on your side. Take a new shooter to the range. Invite them to Boomershoot as a spectator. Encourage people to take a firearms class with a focus on personal protection.

Win the civil war without mob violence or firing a shot in anger.


4 thoughts on “Rebellion is about winning hearts and minds

  1. Yea, if we are somewhat lucky it might be possible. The first democratic debate averaged 16.8 million views. The last debate averaged 8.3 million views. I also see that Beto’s staff are trying to sorta walk back his promise to use police to confiscate guns.

    Perhaps the left’s idealism is not so acceptable to mainstream Americans and that they will be overwhelming defeated at the polls. But I suspect that the left will never accept defeat.

    So I think that the odds of Civil War II are still rather high.

    What side will we be on?

    • Beto can walk back his threat to commit a Baskin-Robbin’s flavor menu of constitutional violations all he wants.

      He can’t walk back the raucous applause from the studio audience.

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