Now that’s funny right there

Via email from John Hardin:


Now that’s funny right there, but unless you are a gun owner you probably won’t get it.


6 thoughts on “Now that’s funny right there

  1. As I said in the comments where I saw it: It’s truly a pity that she wasn’t carrying one of those “Yes! I DO want to take away your guns!” signs. Then the meme-ability of it would have been utterly perfect.

  2. Let them continue with the jokes- it tells us much about their level of preparation.

  3. Truth is only painful when you are on the wrong side of it. It’s likely that she hears a lot of things that do actually pain her to hear.

    Sometimes youtube is good for something.

  4. Also; if you’ve ever promoted a thing, and if that thing has ever resulted in anyone’s death, you have “blood on your hands”. So if you like puppies, and if any puppy has ever grown up and killed someone, then you have blood on your hands.

    “Lyle, that’s just stupid!” you might say. Is it really? I have personally seen a small child that was mauled by dogs, and it was horrific. I have never personally seen a small child that was shot.

    The point is; practically everything has a “death toll”. There is in fact a death toll for puppy ownership, and of course there is a death toll for matches, gasoline, kitchen knives, and even bathing, to name but a few among thousands of things which can result in death.

    Want to get really pissed off at me? OK, then I will correctly say that homosexuality has a death toll associated with it. Because it does. I’m not going to fight about it. It just does.

    You know what else has a death toll? A really big one, with hundreds of millions of intentional deaths directly associated with it? You guessed it; socialism, including Progressivism and all other forms of authoritarianism.

    But here’s the difference; people don’t generally purchase guns with the express purpose of killing people. Quite the opposite; they’re usually acquired for the purpose of saving life in an emergency.

    Leftists; don’t blame the activities of criminals on the law-abiding. In so doing you’d be setting a deadly precedent, for if you can do it then so could we. We could for example demand reparations for the hundreds of millions of deaths at the hands of leftists, Democrats, Progressives and Marxists in the 20th Century, and extract those reparations form any and all leftists and “liberals”. How about you pay the world back, for once, for all that you’ve taken by force over the centuries?

    How would that be? Hmm? Anyone remotely opposed to liberty can take the blame, and the punishment, for all the actions of those ever opposed to liberty in the past. That does after all seem to be an attractive sort of concept to you (reparations), as you’ve all so loudly proclaimed. Too bad for you all that you’ve forgotten; it was the Democrats who supported slavery in the U.S. in the 1800s.

    Or, on the other hand, maybe you leftists, Progressives, Marxist agitators, et al could just fuck off, stand down, back away, stay out of our faces and out of our bank accounts, and we could all go on about our lives. But…if you keep demanding “Social and Economic Justice” then beware of what you ask for because you just might get more of it than you could ever handle. As leftists, etc., your doctrines and idealogies have a greater death toll, by far, than anything else ever devised by the mind or the hand of Man. Maybe you’d best shut the fuck up then, and have a self-awareness session for the rest of your lives, before the truith finally catches up to you.

    What do all think of that then? You want to keep smugly asserting your moral virtue, as you advocate the most deadly idologies ever in history, or would you rather spend some time in sober reflection first?

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