They can’t grasp reality

These people have a tough time with reality:

State Estimators Struggle To Define Assault Weapon

“Whether I had a 5 round, 10 round, 15, whatever, I mean it would still be capable of holding, in theory, more than 10 that would then put it in the parameters of this ban,” explained Cunningham.

But that’s not how Gail Schwartz Ban Assault Weapons Now chairwoman sees it.  She wasn’t at the meeting but last month in an interview month said the ban is an attempt to prevent weapons she says are designed for mass murder.

“What we’re trying to do is prevent the sale of military grade assault weapons such as the AR-15 and the AK-47 being sold in the state of Florida,” said Schwartz.

Putting aside the fact that no firearms matching the new AR-15s and “AK-47s” being sold in Florida have ever been issued to (probably) any military on the planet there is enough remaining nonsense to make a convincing case these people should be told they don’t know what they are talking about and then ignored.

We’ve been telling them since before the 1994 “assault weapon” ban that you can’t define “assault weapon” in an unambiguous way. They can’t grasp that reality. This is true even when unbiased experts tell them they are talking nonsense.

They are simply reality impaired. The grownups need to take charge here.


6 thoughts on “They can’t grasp reality

  1. Yeah, my Browning 22 auto with its 11 round fixed magazine is “designed for mass murder.”

  2. Sounds to me like they keep turning up the hyperbole – metaphorically screaming louder – to try to get more people to listen to them.

    Thing is, the ones that were neither already convinced, nor adamently opposed (e.g. most of us here), might just be seeing how increasingly shrill and nutty the antis are getting. Here’s hoping, anyway.

  3. The grownups are too busy working and earning a living. To be a politician requires an entirely different mindset, one that begins with “I don’t want other people to do the thing.”

  4. If you’re capable of seriously asserting that any firearm is “designed for mass murder” (specifically intended for criminal use) you’ve jumped off the cliff into Crazy Land and have no place in a public debate.

    But that of course will not stop the Romish left, because enough of us fall for that tactic of false assertion that it keeps paying off for them. As soon as we stop rewarding the crazy, and can readily identify it as such, in real time, the crazy will stop of its own accord. Their arguments are all batshit crazy, of course, but they’re not stupid.

  5. One can only wonder that if they are so willfully ignorant regarding guns of which other subjects are they equally ignorant? They pontificate like they have this superior knowledge yet they are bullshitting the public.

    • They call thugs who emulate Hitler’s Brown Shirts Antifa for “anti-fascist”. Most of them are also in denial about Biology (denying that there are any differences between men and women), logic (also claiming that women are better), and Economics (which is a better-founded science than the global warming crowd).

      And they have the gall to call us “science deniers” when we question computer models that have never predicted the climate accurately, and “scientists” who keep revising historical temperature measurements to exaggerate warming trends.

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