They want you dead

Yesterday Mike Bash (actor, producer, writer) tweeted at me:

Lol read up about Waco. Y’all will never win, but its cute you think you could! That would help rid the country of gun nuts faster though…

This is what anti-gun people think of you, the country needs to be rid of “gun nuts” and their families. Burning gun owners and their families alive is entirely appropriate to him.

Good to know.

What he apparently doesn’t realize is that among the lessons we learned from Waco and numerous other incidents throughout history is to never give up your guns.

Mike, I hope you



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  1. Waco was as close to a tactical disaster for the ATF as they’ve ever gotten

    When I arrived at my first duty station in the Army, my Squad Leader gave me a piece of advice:
    “Experience is the best teacher, and learning from someone else’s experience is usually less expensive, and less painful.”

    A good article to read is the late Mike Vanderboegh’s post:
    Mr Vanderboegh was referring to someone else, but Mr Bush seems to be cast from the same mold. (not surprising for a liberal)

    You know, the most dangerous thing about liberals in today’s America is that they are always taking policy decisions based upon three fallacies:

    a. Woeful ignorance of the subject at hand,

    b. Extrapolation of their own cowardice onto their opponents, i.e. expecting their opponents to react the way they do, and

    c. Willful refusal to grasp that the Law of Unintended Consequences applies both to their world view and to the schemes that they use to enforce that world view upon the rest of us.

    Mr Bash appears to suffer from, at least, the first and last ones.

    “…Let us examine [this] thesis: “the feds always win” by referring to the three fallacies listed above. [I only post a part, RTWT at your convenience]

    ….let us test [this] woeful ignorance of the subject at hand. In fact, you CAN beat the feds in a shoot-out as was demonstrated by the Branch Davidians in the initial raid of 28 February. Four ATF agents died in this monstrous misuse of government power and far more would have, but for the fact that the Davidians, having repelled the ATF raiders from entering their home, allowed them to leave after the men in black exhausted their ammunition. In effect, the ATF asked the Davidians if they could go home and reload their guns and the Davidians, being nice guys, agreed.

    Had Vo Nyugen Giap been running what the Feds later claimed was an “ambush”, none of the ATFs would have left that property alive. Indeed, had the Davidians understood the full implications of Waco Rules as they were being worked out for the first time, they would have put up a far tougher fight on both 28 February and 19 April and likely could have stopped the armored vehicles in their tracks.……………….

    Mr Bash also fails to realize that the old rules also no longer apply about who are considered ‘non-combatants’ . Vanderboegh illuminated the Unintended Consequences of President Clinton’s actions against the Serbs back in 1999 where he considered “….political leaders, bureaucratic support structure, media infrastructure and intellectual underpinnings of his enemies’ war effort were legitimate targets of war.”

    Vanderboegh wrote that both of these – and more – should basically be ‘learning from other’s experience’. The question is whether or this lesson is being learned.

    If things ever did ‘kick off’ and I were Mr Bash, I would be begging to be arrested, tried and imprisoned, as the alternative would probably not be to his liking. 4GW and all that.

  2. Waco led directly to the Murrah Building.

    82 vs 6 in the first half.

    83 v 172 as the final score.

    And if he gets his wish, we will see the same sort of result again.

      • The opposition does.

        That’s the problem with violence. The one willing to do the violence is the one whose vote counts.

      • Note that the feds stopped being so gung-ho after that federal building got destroyed. They all had offices in there, along with daycare.
        They got the point, which was if you go after families, the gloves come off, and you get the same treatment.

        Do they still remember this lesson?

        • I’m pretty sure that history is deliberately untaught to nearly all potential government employees, along with anti-logic, feelz, and psych projection from the most mentally unstable among them.

        • I have always maintained that the day will come when Tim McVeigh has a place in the sun in American History

      • In a war between a government and its people, there is no such thing as collateral damage. The Feds proved that they knew this when they killed Vicki and Sammy Weaver, and again in Waco.

  3. Don’t they love their govt. horror stories! You got the talking part done Mikey. Now comes the pick & shovel work.

    • I suspect he doesn’t understand numbers very well. If he did then the 10s of millions of gun owners, hundreds of millions of guns, and billions of rounds of ammunition would have made a bigger impression on him.

      Perhaps I should have explained things to him this way since he lives in Los Angeles:

      Suppose you get your gun ban and get your uprising of gun owners. Suppose only a small fraction of the “most extreme gun owners”, NRA members, were extremely pissed off and decided to start shooting. There are about five million of them. If they all converged on Los Angeles and took just one shot each. 20% of them would go home disappointed because everyone had already been shot before they got their turn.

      Enjoy your trial. It’s the better choice.

      • I don’t think there’s a way to explain anything to him. Only inbreeding can make people that out of touch with reality!
        Educational inbreeding perhaps?
        We can put them on trial, but their going to get off on an insanity plea!

      • “20% of them would go home disappointed because everyone had already been shot before they got their turn.”

        So just issue tags, eh?

      • I suspect it’s the difference between “we’re going to hunker down and try to outlast the armed force besieging us” and “we’re going somewhere the armed force doesn’t know where we are, and we have escape plans”.

        • Not necessarily escape. More options.

          I’ll leave what those options are up to the reader.

  4. Tsarnaev brothers come to mind. Was not the Boston Metro area shut down for several days with 10,000+ Law Enforcement personel involved bringing these two down.
    If just the III% of gun owners take issue with .gov we may have a serious problem.

    Let’s not forget Mumbai. A dozen attackers completely paralyzed a city of twenty million.

    • Or you can just start the “fed’s on flats” program. flatting tires would bring any organization to a halt. it’s the redneck version of cloward & piven!
      Gen. Patton said ” fixed fortification are a monument to man’s vanity.” all war is mobile in todays world.
      Point being, nothing happens if just 3% of john Q. public doesn’t want it to.

        • Yes, but the tire trick requires only a knife or a drill, and makes little noise. And the visuals are good for a laugh, while AP rounds flying around the neighborhood aren’t.

          • Just a nail on the end of a stick. once you puncture the sidewall, it can’t be repaired. only replaced.
            Joe’s right though, AP is more decisive. and sends a very clear message. and with what cars are made of today. almost everything out of a gun is” AP.”

          • Valid points. But you need to get physical access and engage in unusual behavior to accomplish the task.

            With a suppressed rifle and the correctly equipped vehicle there will be little noise, you can engage from hundreds of yards away, and don’t have to engage in overtly odd behavior. And if the objective is to disable your adversaries and increase their “cost of doing business” with you the AP round to the engine does a much better job.

  5. Well,these vehicles if parked and one can flatten a tire with a drill means not too heavy security would rather a nice little bucket of thermite,melt through the hood/engine block ect.,a bit more decisive in vehicle disabling then just a flat,but flats are a good start.

    Thermite,it’s not just for welding!

    • Think like a rebell.

      You get caught with thermite, you hang. You get caught with a screwdriver, you talk your way out.

      They get a car engine destroyed, they send 10 more cars, armored this time. You cost them 25 tires, they stop giving free coffee and cancel bonuses this year.

      • What do they stop giving if they buy 10 armored cars?

        It’s about consuming their resources at low cost.

        • They don’t. You’ve become a Problem, and they have a QRF for dealing with Problems. Thermite means that you’ve become a national focus. Flat tires are a local problem.

          If you are ready to deal with the QRF, then provoke them. If not, bleed them until you are.

          • That’s certainly something to consider. I would consider that response to be the signal to change the area of operations. Let them play a game resembling whack-a-mole.

  6. The secret police of any country are survivors of a brutal training. They are like cockroaches in that, they will keep popping up and making more of themselves as long as a single one is allowed to live. Look at the old USSR. When it fell the Russian people made the worst mistake they had made since Nov. 1917. They let the survivors of the KGB live. Not having killed all of them while they had the chance , they got in it’s stead, first: The Russian Mob (a KGB subset) and then the old KGB itself, under a new name, back in power within ten years. Now Puten(spell?) rules as Czar much as Stalin did. We must learn from this when we over turn our KGB. Or pay the same, or a much higher, price. It is possible to win a war and lose anyway. All you have to do is to leave the enemy enough survivors to regroup. In the case of the American communist (everyone on the left) As long as a single one lives we and our children can never be safe.

  7. Wait a minute.

    The Mike B who has been a fervent gun control activist online for years turns out to be nothing more than a stupid day player actor?!

    And one who’s had such fantastic roles as “Angry Passerby #3” and “Spellbound Guest”?

    If I was this much of a loser, I’d probably just kill myself.

    What an absolute tool.

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