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For example, the advent of the internet has facilitated a massive, unregulated gun marketplace in which just one website in 2018 had more than one million ads for guns for which no background check was required.

Shannon Watts
February 11, 2019
The Gun Reform Movement Is Stronger Than Ever. And Now We’re Winning | Opinion
[If laws are being broken on such a massive scale it should be trivial for law enforcement to set up sting operations and haul the criminals off by the bus load. But of course this isn’t happening. It’s just that she would like to see gun owners hauled off by the bus load and she is willing to lie and/or deceive to make that happen.—Joe]


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  1. As many of us are certain, her comment is very deceptive. Many would straight up call her a liar. But…there’s an elephant in the room. Read her comment without emotion or preconceived notions. It’s all true. Marketplace(e.g. Armslist), ads for firearms, no background checks(e.g. legal private transfers). But, it’s clearly her intent to convey that anyone can buy a gun on the internet with a prepaid gift card and have it sent to their meth lab door. Again, just cleverly worded deception to sway the less-than-well-informed masses.

    • Can you legally mail-order a private purchase, modern firearm across state lines and thus avoid a background check?

      In any case, the internet wasn’t any great big change beyond the copious, local want ads. All it did was expand something which has existed since the advent of the newspaper and the tabloid.

      Further, there is in fact evidence of life before 1968, and I believe there was life before 1934, even! Imagine that!

      • No. A private purchase across State lines requires shipping the gun from and to a FFL where you pay a transfer fee, pass a background check (or have a conceal permit which will exempt you in some States) and fill out the 4473.
        The ONLY exception is if you have a FFL03 Curios & Relics then and the firearm you bought is a C&R the seller can ship it from a FFL to your door. And if the seller has a FFL03 he can ship it to you.

          • And a $30 fee. I had one for 6 years, but gave it up. No more money to buy those nice WWI and WWII rifles. They started to get expensive. But I did get the one I really wanted by going out on a limb on the price. A Springfield Armory unissued 1955 M1 Garand in 30-06 from Collectors Firearms.

  2. As far as I know, the First Amendment is still operative. You are free to post an ad without a background check.

    • I didn’t read it that way at first, but I see your take.
      Back in the days of print, she would have just described a catalog!

  3. Something else the internet does is allow the most uninformed opinions be broadcast to the most unthinking group god ever allowed to live. (demo of his mercy?).
    But, to me the problem is not so much Shannon, as the vast group that would believe such an easily disproven lie. This is prove positive why our forefathers held the vote so tightly, and disproved of democracy so much.

  4. Nice to have it self-admitted that the antis’ definition of “gun reform” includes “shut down the marketplace of firearms and ammunition”.

    That information should come in handy at her trial, amirite?

    • Well, she can talk about it all she likes. First Amendment.

      She can talk about it with others of the same viewpoint and associate with them. Also First Amendment.

      It’s when she has conversations with government officials about how to use their (limited and delegated) powers to infringe upon the rights and privileges of the individual citizen (that are secured by explicit limitations in the Constitution) that she is engaging a criminal conspiracy to commit a federal felony. I suppose it would also be conspiracy if she were coordinating people who would be doing such a thing, even if she were not doing so herself, but particularly if she were arranging, directing or soliciting for funds to commit those felonies. She doesn’t have to personally be going around depriving people of their civil rights under color of law in order to be a party to conspiracy to do so.

  5. I don’t think she considers the regulations about shipping to or from FFLs or requiring a license be issued after a background check as real restrictions if they don’t take into consideration the applicant’s political positions.
    She is therefore the basest of liars.

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