7 thoughts on “A risky truth

  1. Hey, worked out for me! My wife and I got our enhanced concealed carry permits together as her Valentine’s Day present to me our first year of dating. We had lots of walks where we talked about how ridiculous our firearm laws are.

  2. This brings to mind the slogans and ads created by the Progressives during the run-up to Prohibition, and again during the Vietnam War.

    “Lips that touch alcohol shall not touch mine.”
    “Girls say ‘yes’ to boys who say ‘no’.”

    Stuff like that. It has a very long and sordid history, even making several appearances in the Bible. We may call it “The Jezebel Typology”. Our enemies know it better than we, having developed it into a fine art. An apostate church is depicted as a “whore” in the Bible for that reason, and “her” false doctrine as “wine”;
    “…the cup of the wine of the wrath of her fornication” standing for the seduction of the intoxicating effects of false doctrine (whether combined with the lure of sex or not), which leads to destruction. Marxism would be an obvious, modern example of a “whore (or harlot), with her cup of wine”, with the Vatican being a much older, and yet still current, example.

    Cults have often used women, specifically sex, as bait to attract the young and otherwise unsuspecting into their groups (e.g. Charles Manson, the Mormons and the Moonies, though the practice goes far back into antiquity). I’ll go farther and say that such was the purpose behind the whole “sexual revolution” circa the 1960s. “Join us and you’ll get laid aplenty. Fail to join us and it’s blue balls for you, sucker.”

  3. I wouldn’t want to have sex with a woman that would be offended by that conversation. Don’t put it in crazy.

    • My point was not in the case of the woman being offended. It was in the case if all the man wanted to do was talk about how ridiculous firearms laws are. I wouldn’t spend much time with a woman who was that one dimensional even if I did agree with her 100%.

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