They want you dead

Spokane County Sheriff responds to death threats:

The Spokane County Sheriff’s Office said it checked the Facebook account with the name that the caller provided and found a comment referencing Republicans stating, “i am going to kill every single one of them.”

Investigators said they found more posts referencing I-1639 that stated, “sheriffs that are non compliant will be shot. by me.” and “Ozzie Knezovich is gonna get a bullet in his skull.”

After all, it’s just common sense, right?

They want you dead. Don’t ever forget that. Don’t ever give up your guns.


12 thoughts on “They want you dead

  1. Well I’m convinced. I’m headed out to throw my guns into the nearest volcano and convert to whatever Jill Stein is. I don’t want to be shot by spooky facebook man!

  2. Spooky Facebook Man thinks he’s anonymous and it’s safe to threaten people over the airwaves.
    He knows nothing of how the internet works. Someday he will say something and awaken to find a dozen FBI and BATF agents in his home after breaking in his front door.

    • I would think that threatening to murder people, including elected law enforcement officials, based on political ideologies would qualify to have the FBI and the BATFE shoot you, your wife, son, and burn your house to the ground with you in it, but apparently only minor malum prohibitum firearms violations invoke such a response.

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  4. “Mind-boggled” in the Face of the Obvious
    The Sheriff says at the end of the video; “Why do we keep going back to that well [of Marxism]?” He also says that it’s “mind-boggling”.

    Can we ever stop being shocked and amazed? Can we never understand the beast that’s been facing us down every day for millennia?

    “Why do we keep going back to that well?” Because wherever there’s something to be looted, there will be looters. Where ever there is anything of value, there is someone who wants to steal it. Where ever there is someone who wants to stop the theft, there is someone who wants that person out of the way.

    There are those who want freedom from wrong, so they can do right, and there are those who feel they must free themselves from what is right, so they can do wrong.

    Is it so “mind boggling” that we can never face that fact, however obvious it may be? Is it impossible to see it and at the same time understand it and acknowledge it for what it is? From where comes the reluctance? Though it’s happened millions of times in the recent past, though it’s happening right now, can we never anticipate and predict it? Like Charlie Brown facing Lucy with her football, are we going to remain “mind-boggled” every singe day for the rest of our lives?

    What is more “mind boggling” than anything is that a sheriff, who deals with lawlessness every single day, does not see it for what it is. Marxism is simply a term for official, widespread, “enforced lawlessness”. It’s organized crime posing as government. Are we incapable of understanding the difference, or worse yet; are we unwilling to understand it? Are we too invested in it to be honest about it?

    I could see giving the leftist agitators the benefit of the doubt, maybe, if there were any. But there is no doubt; when people call for wholesale coercion (any form of socialism whatsoever), they aren’t doing it out the goodness of their hearts.

    That goes for Republicans and Democrats alike, because they all do it. Maybe that’s why we’re so consistently, repeatedly and predictably “mind-boggled” in the face of the obvious; both “sides” have accepted some version of Marxism, and can’t understand the other side which is supposed to be their opposition. We are hypocrites calling each other hypocrites, liars calling one another liars, and robbers posing as humanitarians calling one another Fascists.

  5. Can you imagine the freak-out the left would have if right-wingers were reported to have made death threats against Dem elected officials for their “sanctuary city” policies that allow violent illegal criminal aliens to reside in the US safely? Even if it turned out to not be actual Republicans / conservatives / whites, the correction would be small, late, and quiet.

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