Quote of the day—Christine M. Flowers

It’s time to take my life into my own hands, forget about all of the anti-gun rhetoric that I hear bandied about by those who exploit tragedy for their own political purposes, and make 2019 the year that I stop expecting others to look out for me.

Christine M. Flowers
January 10, 2019
Why I’m ready to buy a gun | Christine Flowers
[Changing the culture one new gun owner at a time.—Joe]


7 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Christine M. Flowers

  1. I had forgotten how delusional people in cities are until I read the comments on that article, so thank you for that reminder.

  2. 1) You don’t need a permit to buy a gun in PA.
    2) Pennsylvania is a shall issue state for CCW. No classes, show up at the sheriffs office with a photo ID and a check.

    Having grown up just north of the Filthydelphia, when I read this I just shake my head and think Philly people.

    I doubt she’ll go ahead with the purchase, though I hope she gets some shooter to help her like you do with new shooters Joe.

  3. She’d go from worrying about being attacked by garden variety criminals, to worrying about being attacked by her government.

    “It seems that we’ve become a society where criminals and alleged criminals are given an outsized amount of sympathy.”

    Of course, and there’s no irony, no contradiction or surprise there. A corrupt government operates on coercion. It coercively extracts wealth from the People and then uses that wealth to build, expand and strengthen its coercive network. Individual criminals and criminal networks do the same. At some point the distinction between the government and a gang becomes difficult to recognize.

    Therefore a corrupt government and a criminal gang are natural allies. Soul mates. I’ll assert it as inevitable that they eventually begin to understand this, and operate, and cooperate, as such– They share the same set of goals. In short, their purpose is to lord over us and eat out our substance.

    Carry a gun by all means, but one way or another you’re food for a criminal network.

    • I doubt there’s that much collusion, Lyle. After all criminal enterprise generates billions in revenue, and its seemingly immune to taxation. Gov might envy and emulate criminals, but I doubt they are allies.

      • Oh, sure, they arrest the little guys. But the big guys? Why do so many pols work to keep the borders porous, let the obviously “legally challenged” insiders walk after committing massive crimes of fraud, extortion, embezzlement, or whatever (other than the occasional one they make an example of, often for not helping extend and support the corruption)? They (the deep state, big international mega-corps, and organized crime) are *definitely* in cahoots. Maybe not with big annual meetings and a formal org chart with powerpoints, but yeah… they are protecting each other. Why do you think they ALL hate Trump so much?

      • Allies, indeed. Consider the bribery money that comes from keeping things illegal. First booze, later drugs when booze was legalized again and the crooks needed a new source of bribery income.

  4. Isn’t this the very same advice that is regularly given to people about their health and finances? Why should their very life be any different? Yes, eat right and be sure you have enough money to live til you die, but if death looks imminent, like right freakin’ now, you should trust to government and God. Of course in each case the advice keeps the cost to government for your care and feeding down, so maybe there’s actually logical consistency here.

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