You knew it was coming

Technology is advancing extremely rapidly. More and more jobs can be done by automation. This should come as no surprise:

Male sex robots with unstoppable bionic penises are coming this year

David Levy, author of Love and Sex With Robots, says, ‘I’m sure women will find robots equally appealing as men. ‘If women are that interested in getting satisfaction from a vibrator, imagine how the same women will feel having a robot they can put their arms round them and having the robot squeeze them.’

The date of that article was a year ago. The male sex robots are now available.

Of course, this same company has been making female sex robots for quite some time now.

I wonder how realistic it will be when one of the male robots is with one of the female robots. Will it be against the law if someone put them in a public park and let them do their thing?

We live in interesting times.


9 thoughts on “You knew it was coming

  1. I guess we don’t have to worry about a robot takeover then if they’ll all be too busy fucking each other.

  2. Statues of naked people aren’t illegal in parks. How many statues of The Three Graces are there in the US? Besides in Hearst’s Castle, that is.

  3. Nah, this one’ll fizzle out. Why? Cuz men and women look for different things in their partners.
    Men are visual and respond to loyalty. Robots can be nothing but visual and loyal in the sense that they can’t leave on their own.
    Women look for, drum roll, status. And baby, a robot ain’t ever gonna have that.

    • Vibrators are quite popular with women. There are other sex machines, such as the Sybian which have been successful in the marketplace. Why isn’t a robot just a natural evolution of those?

      At a gut level I sort of understand why that might not be the case but I can’t articulate a reason.

  4. Personally, I want to see what happens when you have the male vs. female robot showdown, and I’m slightly envious of the engineer that had to run the MTTF calculations because that job sounds hilarious.

  5. Men are easy to take care of. The male robots won’t become really popular until they can take out the trash.

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