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Privilege ?

I’ll tell you what privilege is!

It’s growing up in a country where your ancestors toiled and died to give you the opportunities and the life you have, and you denounce it.

It’s being an immigrant into a country you and your kin had NO part in forming, and taking all it’s benefits, democratic rights and freedoms and then reject it.

That’s ‘privilege’.


I am Groot @Waspotty
Gab post on December 13, 2018
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  1. We should call it “Wokesterism”.

    “Wokesterism eerily mirrors many of the harsher practices of the most severe American Protestantism. It offers its own original sin, “white privilege,” from which there is neither redemption nor hope of redemption — like the old Presbyterian hell for babies who have come into this world drenched in sin. No amount of abject apology will avail for heretics to Wokesterism. The principal aims of Wokesterism are coercion of others, persecution, and punishment of the guilty (the un-Woke). Most importantly, it requires the suspension of individual conscience in order to promote unthinking, robotic obedience and mob justice. That helps explain the disgraceful blindness of the Wokester Left, especially the educated elites who work in the news media, the computer tech sector, and other “creative class” vocations.”

    From: http://kunstler.com/clusterfuck-nation/sleepwalkers-awoke/

    • Yep. “The news media, the computer tech sector, and other ‘creative class'” vocational class privilege as defined in the original post above.

    • Just for clarity, the term “Wokesterism” is the name that Kunstler used for the definition provided by Andrew Sullivan in http://nymag.com/intelligencer/2018/12/andrew-sullivan-americas-new-religions.html?utm_source=tw

      Sullivan also says that it was Christianity that is at the root of our Western Civilization and individual rights. It’s a perceptive article.

      “It is Christianity that came to champion the individual conscience against the collective, which paved the way for individual rights. It is in Christianity that the seeds of Western religious toleration were first sown. Christianity is the only monotheism that seeks no sway over Caesar, that is content with the ultimate truth over the immediate satisfaction of power. It was Christianity that gave us successive social movements, which enabled more people to be included in the liberal project, thus renewing it. It was on these foundations that liberalism was built, and it is by these foundations it has endured. The question we face in contemporary times is whether a political system built upon such a religion can endure when belief in that religion has become a shadow of its future self.”

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