Quote of the day—Robert Snaza

This law does nothing to prevent criminals from doing what they want to do. This law is more like going after people who are gun owners who are not criminals and telling them what the state wants them to do.

Robert Snaza
Lewis County Washington Sheriff
November 30, 2018
Lewis County Sheriff’s Office won’t seek out I-1639 violators
[Correct. Gun owners are resentful of this and I expect there will be a lot of people who ordinarily are law abiding who will ignore this law and donate money to court cases to see that the law is overturned.

Via email from Chet.—Joe]


5 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Robert Snaza

  1. It’s not even what “the state” wants them to do! I-1639 was all about what a bunch of rich plutocrats want the minions to do.

    I love how the article states that the law “incentiveizes” the “safe storage” of firearms. Yeah, some incentive – have a gun stolen and used in a crime, YOU go to jail. I thought an incentive was supposed to benefit you in some way.

    Molan Labe – bastards. And don’t send the cops to take them. I want YOU to arrive in my driveway to take them, Hanauer, Gates, et. al.

  2. You are correct about most things in this. But you are not correct in one aspect: that it will be overturned in court.

    It’s not going to be overturned in court. Whatever judge(s) will listen to it will be of the opinion of Eric Swalwell. That includes the nuclear holocaust part. And of course the supreme court will not hear the case.

  3. Correct; the left has always been infatuated with violent criminals, especially gangsters. It’s the principled American they truly hate.

  4. Ayn Rand said that it was necessary to make new criminals, and anyone who is ordinarily law abiding and generally a pillar of the community who chooses to disobey this evil law will be a brand-new newly-minted felon.

  5. Speaking of violations, does anyone have any opinion what I-1639 covers for existing guns?

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