Quote of the day—Wheel of Death

Most people don’t realize an easy high explosive is nothing but nitromethane and ammonium nitrate. Beats TNT in some aspects. Add 800 mesh Al powder, and you can make EFP’s with a decently formed plate.

An RPG is a step up in complexity. And fusing a fuel air bomb is as well. All doable with patience.

Wheel of Death
November 29, 2018
Comment to Mark Walters: What a Democrat House Means to Our Gun Rights
[People talk the talk over there but I haven’t seen anyone walking the walk. Until then we need to invest in lobbying, voting, and lawsuits.—Joe]


5 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Wheel of Death

  1. Yeah Joe, how did that lobbying, voting and lawsuit program work out for you?

    • The lawsuit stuff is still in process.

      How’s the “Shoot the Bastards” plan of action working out?

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