If cars were treated like guns in Washington State

From Rehv Arms:

Funny stuff. It would be more funny if I didn’t have to live it instead of just laugh at the poor suckers who have to endure it and hope the courts turn things around. I donated several hundred dollars to SAF and the NRA this weekend. This stuff is real. It must be turned around.


5 thoughts on “If cars were treated like guns in Washington State

  1. There is a danger here with this type of humor. A number of people that I have dealt with in the past would think this is a good idea. After all, if it isn’t a nonpolluting electric car, it should be restricted. (The nonpolluting electric concept also tells you how much they really understand reality.) We must be thinking about the Earth and the children. A TeslaLeafPrius is the only way to acceptably live don’t you know?!

  2. Only gun owners, and only those gun owners who’ve purchased guns in the last 25 years, and a few of the leftist operatives, will understand any of that. The average “default Progressive” wouldn’t get it.

    Once someone has accepted those restrictions on guns, and once they realize that the mass use of cars results in vastly more deaths than the mass use of guns, how many people would actually start to believe that such restrictions on cars are a good idea? I don’t know, but some will.

    They’re rioting in France as we speak, rioting because of a tax increase on motor vehicle fuels. The same people who asked, no, demanded, these restrictions and taxes are now rioting in response to getting what they demanded.

    What does that tell us about what they’ve really wanted all along?

    We’re also being told, this morning, that the decades old global restrictions on certain aerosols are now “healing” the “ozone hole”. The questions of how anyone could know that the “ozone hole” is “healing”, whether it isn’t a totally natural phenomenon, what its long term variations have been, whether it exists at all, or if it does exist, whether Mankind ever had any power to change it one way or the other, are not addressed. Just believe what you hear, else you’re racist or something.

    What’s important to the reporters is that we believe that a program of global restrictions on our behavior, with all governments coming together and cooperating, is critical to the survival of all life, i.e. that we embrace the coming New World Order that Bush 41 spoke of so glowingly.

    It must be kept in mind in any of these discussions that, at the upper command and control levels, they seldom believe their own bullshit. It is however critically important to them that enough of us believe it, or at least that we’re unsure. We must either believe their bullshit, be uncertain enough to stay quiet, or be intimidated enough that we don’t speak up or do anything to stop them.

    They don’t care which, as long as they get their Global power before too many people figure out the game.

    The riots and other Palestinian-style tactics are an integral part of the plan, for without them the coming clamp-downs on freedom would be harder to sell.

    We’re just getting started here. As the song goes; “You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.”

    And if you don’t get the connection between the “ozone hole” story, the riots in France and the gun issues, and let’s throw in immigration too, then you’re hopeless at the point.

    • The TUV in Germany, their equivalent of the Department of Motor Vehicles administers their driving tests on this very principle.

    • And yes, is the ozone hole healing because we gave up cheap Air conditioning fluid, because of natural processes independent of human activity or because we threw a virgin in the volcano?
      Our “Journalists” can’t even imagine such possibilities.

  3. That chlorofluorocarbon/ozone mess was actually a scam by the manufacturer to move the world to their replacement freon. Their patent was expiring, so they came up with that bogus “it’s killing the world” to stampede a change.

    BTW, the biggest user of R-12 was (and still is, I think) the US DOD.

    Not only does the replacement not work as well, but breathing the gas from a leaking system will kill your liver. The original R-12 was only hazardous if burned first. They should have been prosecuted for this debacle.

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