Quote of the day—Matt Gohd

None of us had a grasp of how difficult this would be. We needed more resources, more people.

I would say it was idealistic of us to think that we could get something through at this point.

Matt Gohd
Executive director of Families vs. Assault Rifles
October 23, 2018
‘None of us had a grasp of how difficult this would be:’ Parkland PAC scales back
[From a different article:

At its launch, Gohd, a long-time Democratic donor who has worked at numerous investment firms, told the Miami Herald it had an ambitious goal: to raise $10 million and act as a counterweight to the National Rifle Association, one of the most powerful and successful political activist groups in the country. It planned to target politicians who opposed gun safety regulations. So far, it’s only raised $230,000 – much of which came soon after the group was first launched. From July through the end of September, the group took in less than $30,000 and had only $13,000 left in the bank.

The group spent roughly half of its money on consulting services, with the biggest chunk going to Empire Global Ventures, a New York based firm primarily focused on corporate clients but whose founders boast political campaign experience.

The group created digital fundraising ads featuring Kasky, but didn’t have enough money to create ads targeting candidates, as had been the initial goal.

I suspect a big part of the problem is they are not able to understand there are people who don’t see the problem, and hence the solution, in the same way as others. They see the problem in terms of “Families vs. Assault Rifles” and, of course, the obvious solution is to get rid of “assault rifles”. The better problem statement is, “Mass shootings must be stopped.” This allows for a much greater range of solutions. Including, in addition to the obvious, things like “Don’t create large groups of people unable to defend themselves.”

Because of the poor problem statements by so many politicians I’m pretty firmly convinced they have an agenda in search of a problem to use as cover for their agenda. This is sad and frustrating because so many lives have been and will be lost because of all these people with their evil agenda.—Joe]


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  1. Why don’t these anti-gun organizations just ask their six million dues paying members to kick in a couple of bucks like the NRA does? They could raise ten million dollars in no time.

  2. Maybe, just maybe, they are misjudging the scope and breadth of their propositions appeal?

    Ya think?

    Jeff B.

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