Quote of the day—Sean D Sorrentino

Rape is a big fucking deal in Conservative land. It is literally “the most horrific and obscene act imaginable.

I’d rather you thought me a murderer than believed me a rapist. Ordinary people can imagine circumstances where they’d kill someone, and might have some sympathy for me if they thought I murdered someone.

There are literally zero circumstances where raping someone is a good idea. There’s just no justification for it. Even attempted rape puts you outside the tribe. It makes you a non-person. It makes you fair game for anyone to kill on sight.

“Why’d you shoot that guy 27 times in the face and pelvis?”

“Because he raped my sister and that was all the ammo I brought.”

“Oh, ok.”

That’s how rapists are viewed in Conservative land.

So when the Left starts shooting their mouths off about “Rape Culture,” we get bent out shape. When they conflate ordinary boorish behavior with rape, we lose our minds. Because branding a man a rapist is literally telling the rest of the world that he needs killing.

Yet they feel totally ok about deploying the “he’s a rapist!” charge with nothing in the way of evidence, and can’t understand why a decent man, who is married to a woman, who has daughters, who coaches a girls basketball team, might find it incredibly upsetting. They painted a target on his back. They told the world there is no crime he wouldn’t stoop to. They invited the world to kill him. They encouraged him to kill himself.

Sean D Sorrentino
Posted on Facebook October 3, 2018
[This directly relates to what Luke O’Neil thinks is “a good joke”.—Joe]


6 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Sean D Sorrentino

  1. In two instances you used the word Rap instead of Rape, you forgot the e at the end. Please edit this post.

  2. Well said. Even in prison, hardly a conservative bastion, rapist are the scum of the earth.

    • …surpassed only by child molesters, or so we’re told.

      Meanwhile, I wonder if “rap” was a Freudian slip. My impression of rap is that it’s a form of noise focused mostly on crime, demeaning of women generally, and rape particularly.

      • It was my mistake because I couldn’t get copy and paste to work.

        I probably just made a typo. I don’t care for rap because it isn’t melodic.

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