Quote of the day—BlueWaveResister @libresister

Haha we’re gonna take your guns soon. Lol get ready

BlueWaveResister @libresister
Tweeted on September 24, 2018
[There were some good responses to this. My favorite was:

Only a fool wishes for a war with 150,000,000 armed citizens against people who don’t know what bathroom to use.

Don’t ever let anyone get away with telling you that no one wants to take your guns.—Joe]


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  1. I would warn you against underestimating the potential violence that can be released by a large male, in a dress or not, wielding the spiked high heeled Manolo Blahniks.

  2. “Only a fool wishes for a war with 150,000,000 armed citizens against people who don’t know what bathroom to use.”


    • I considered it. But I know several post-surgery trans women and there isn’t any confusion. So while there is a grain of truth in the statement which makes it funny it’s also untrue enough to be a slur that I would rather not give that much promotion to. Besides, at least two of the women would be among the 150,000,000 armed citizens.

      • Yup. There are more than a few trans, bi and homos who are quite adept with firearms, and some of them also understand and favor liberty as defined in the American founding principles. I know a few right here in little ol’ Moscow, Idaho.

        So just as with race, the leftist agitator types mistakenly believe, or like to pretend that they believe, that a certain sexual orientation equates to a certain political slant. It’s ridiculous if they actually believe it, and ridiculous if they don’t.

        No matter: all the authoritarians’ lies, secrets, plots, motives, goals, and all their crimes, will eventually become known. “Lol get ready.”

  3. Going to take our guns, eh?

    You and what army, BlueWaveResister?

    You mean the police and military which lean right towards actual law and order and obeying the Constitution?

    There are a portion of leftist police, but they would last five minutes when they try to take firearms from the noted 150 million armed citizens who can read the plain text of the Second Amendment.

    The wild dreams of the Left of disarming us is not an option. Precipitating the Second American Civil War is the real possibility with dire consequences to them.

  4. The morons who spout “We’re going to take away your guns” are blowhards.
    It’s an absolute guarantee that NONE of them crowing this insanity have ANY
    plans to EVER be physically present at ANY such effort. They are cowards hiding safely behind the relative safety and the faux anonymity of the internet.

  5. I dunno, but I sort of liked the response (that admittedly wasn’t in direct response to this, but to another leftist type) over at raconteurreport.com, via Miguel’s GFZ blog, attributed to Matt Bracken:

    “Rule 308: Those who don’t know what ‘sub-MOA’ means probably shouldn’t instigate a civil war with those who do…”

    The thing that, frankly, I find more than a bit worrisome is, most of those who don’t appear to be undeterred.

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