Quote of the day—Pat McKenzie‏ @PatMcKe44660885

The NRA should be blown off the face of the earth. Without that radical group firearms control could be a real possibility.

Pat McKenzie‏ @PatMcKe44660885
Tweeted on September 13, 2018
[This is what they think of the nations’ oldest civil rights organization.

McKenzie’s Twitter profile blows the irony meter off the face of the earth:

Volunteer, artist, aspiring writer, activist and ACLU Guardian of Liberty

Don’t ever forget–these people want millions of civil rights advocates dead.—Joe]


6 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Pat McKenzie‏ @PatMcKe44660885

  1. Again; both sides in the Great Controversy desire what they think of as “freedom” or “liberty”. One wants the freedom from wrong, to do right, and the other wants freedom from right, to do wrong.

    Thus it is not at all ironic when an authoritarian thinks of himself as a champion of “liberty” while advocating a purge against a whole sector of the population.

    When Cain murdered Able he was exercising “liberty” of such a kind, by ridding himself of an intolerable irritation (that irritation being a smarter, more capable, more graceful, more productive brother). Nothing has changed since, in this regard.

    The mindset of Cain (or Nimrod, or Herod; take your pick) now rules the world, and therefore Pat McKenzie is standing on solid ground with that quote. His de facto allies run your banks, your schools, your police departments, all major media, both American political parties, and practically all major infrastructure. They nominate the candidates and they tally the votes.

    They give us juuuust enough leash to make us think we have some influence in the direction we’re being led.

    Speak the truth. Expose them, by all means, but don’t expect it to change the seats or direction of power in the world. All we can do is convince a few people to renounce, to come out of that system before its inevitable destruction.

    • Nice credentials for that dude. Basically unemployed strident commie, likely living in parent’s basement.

      • If he’s really unemployed (rent a demonstrator-bum is an occupation), then he likely has Section 8 housing, in which case he’s living in OUR basement, and is the reason we can’t have nice things.

  2. All he does is convince the thoughtful that disarming is one of the more stupid things to do.
    Take them at their word. This is what they want. They may know that they’re unable to do it – for now – but people with violent desires like this ofttimes will do what’s necessary to fulfill them.

  3. He wants the NRA blown off the Earth. So, that he means he wants at least 5 million fellow Americans murdered. I assume his rationale is that he wants peace to prevail. Funny way to achieve it.

    See, if I wanted peace on Earth I would think that the complete elimination of every communist, socialist, anarchist, and Democrat would get real close to that goal. Except, I am not a monster like Pat McKenzie so I do not advocate for it.

    To everyone on the Left, you own this guy.

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