I made QOTD!

Quote of the Day: 12 September 2018


See also this tweet.

The idea is certainly not mine. And similar expression of it is not unique. It may be a little bit more succinct than most. So, “Standing on the shoulders of giants…” is applicable here. I wish I could find the quote from Tam who said something along the lines of, “I don’t care if every gun owner on the planet killed someone yesterday. I didn’t. So you don’t get to take my guns from me.”

Update: NJDave found the Tam quote I was thinking of:

Where the hell do you get off thinking you can tell me I can’t own a gun? I don’t care if every other gun owner on the planet went out and murdered somebody last night. I didn’t. So piss off.


10 thoughts on “I made QOTD!

  1. Congratulations! Posts like this, where you phrase something we’re all thinking about better than we can put it, are why I read your blog, Tam’s blog and Kim’s blog every day or as frequently as possible.

    • I knew there were some strong words at the end, but I couldn’t remember what they were. I think you got it right.

  2. The leftists do not respect the individual. They prefer indoctrination,incrimination and infringement.

  3. When I read your quote, quite well put BTW, I immediately thought of Tam’s quote. Yours is much more family friendly and inclusive of all human rights. Very well written.

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