Quote of the day—Winnipeg Free Press editorial board

Of particular interest to gun-control advocates are handguns and military-style assault rifles, neither of which have any real practical application for civilians, hunters or rural residents who keep firearms at hand to protect their livestock from predation.

Winnipeg Free Press editorial board
August 30, 2018
Entrenched positions won’t resolve gun debate
[The board appears to believe they are essentially a neutral party in the debate. But their claim that handguns and “military-style assault rifles” don’t “have any real practical application for civilians” betrays their bias and lack of information on the topic.—Joe]


10 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Winnipeg Free Press editorial board

  1. Canada has a population of less than the state of California, 90% of which lives within 50 miles of the US border. The entire nation would fall into economic chaos if the US closed the border. Why do we care what those freeloaders want?

  2. “…keep firearms at hand to protect their livestock from predators.” If a Canadian rancher actually had the audacity to kill an endangered lynx or feral dog to protect his livestock, I am sure the “Winnipeg Free Press” would praise the action, NOT.

  3. “… keep firearms at hand to protect their livestock from predation.”

    I don’t keep those firearms to protect the livestock from predators (although they would be effective for that purpose) but to protect me and my family from predators. Specifically of the two legged variety — with agents of the government being the most likely variant to be concerned about.

  4. “Ignorance and bigotry – a typical elitist combination…..”
    And the Dunning-Kruger effect. The arrogance and overconfidence that comes from total ignorance.

    • I cannot believe that someone who cares enough to talk about it can truly be that ignorant. Therefore it can only be pure lies.

      In this day of instant access to information, at one’s fingertips, all the time, no one has an excuse for being so ignorant. Such ignorance is no longer even remotely credible as a defense. The proverbial question, “What did you know and when did you know it?” must now be, “When did you become committed to such complete and utterly dishonesty?”

      It’s purely an allegiance issue then, isn’t it? Doesn’t that completely explain it? One is either allied with the truth, and therefore with liberty, or one is allied with the quest for ever more coercive power, which runs on lies, obfuscation and threats.

      If there were any interest in the truth, the author(s) of the quote would have found it beforehand. Instead we see lies and obfuscation in the quote, and at some point down the road, usually very close behind, come the threats.

      Same as it ever was. We live in Babylon. An international system of lies and obfuscation, backed by threats, backed by open demonstrations of murder, which we foolishly call “government”, is as predictable as the seasons.

      That Winnipeg editorial board is merely positioning itself for some share of the booty. In their minds it’s just smart business. It’s that “Better to be gettin’ than gettin’ got” attitude, which billions of people see as “common sense”.

      You can call them liars, and you can call them ignorant, but they know what they’re doing, and they’re well rehearsed at it. They’ve made a career out it. It is their stock and trade, so don’t think you’ll be able to shame them out of it. It happens, but it’s very rare.

      What you can do is attack the problem at the allegiance-forming stage, and that is a very different kind of problem.

      Any alliance of Man, by Man, for Man will be prone to corruption, as you can clearly see, having put up an excellent example right here. Once such an alliance is formed, immediately comes the question of who’s “in charge” and who will benefit at the expense of whom, and there we go again, all over again, struggling for position in the chain of command of bullies and cowards. Nor will any written constitution or charter be able to prevent the sad outcome. Man being the fallen, and very clever, creature that he is, will always find a way to obfuscate his way around the rules.

      So I guess,
      Number One; Man is NOT in control.
      Number Two; don’t ever fall for the idea that your opponent is stupid, or foolish. Oftentimes evil? sure, or deceived? absolutely, but those are altogether different things.
      Number Three; the smartest people can be deceived. That’s a rough one to swallow. If you think about it though, it is much more worthwhile for evil to deceive the smart people because they’re more useful.

    • All firearms come from some military heritage. But they don’t care. If they cared they would know these things already, and if they knew these things (and they probably do) they’d still lie about them.

    • Does it not take some imagination and creativity to lie enough, well enough, to get approved for a position on the editorial board of the Winnipeg Free Press?

      I look at that quote and I see real cleverness. Effective, working, persistent lies aren’t so easy to make up and keep alive these days. It takes real determination and creativity. We should be applauding those people, in that regard. They certainly earn whatever pay they’re receiving for it.

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