Quote of the day—Wendy Cukier

If you look at the rate of murders not caused by guns and you compare Canada, the U.S., the U.K., and Australia, what you see is that it’s roughly the same in all four countries, although the U.S. rate is slightly higher,

Wendy Cukier
President of the Coalition for Gun Control (Canada)
July 28, 2018
Canada Is Raging Against Gun Violence—But Not Like America
[Caused? Nope. That is a deliberate lie. If they have to lie to to win it is definitive proof their intent is evil.—Joe]


6 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Wendy Cukier

  1. What is the rate of crime “caused by” knives, clubs, fists and feet? How dangerous to her, then, is the gun room at the Autry Museum in Los Angeles? The greatest number of firearms the closest together of probably any room of its size in America, outside of the military. That must be a great danger to public safety.
    What about comparing the rate of deaths around the world caused by the writings of, say, Karl Marx, Adolf Hitler, Ayn Rand, William F. Buckley, or Barry Goldwater, to list several — “Diverse” doesn’t seem to be the right word here — writers.
    How about, since the Leftists claim religion has killed so many millions of people compared to those dead by peaceful leftism, how many dead at the hands of regular church- or synagogue- goers in the United States in the last 50 years?

  2. “Guns cause crime like spoons made Rosie O’Donnell fat”

    I believe I saw that bumper sticker in the 1990s. Apparently it didn’t awaken the world to reason, but then one could assert that the world today would be even less amenable to reason if not for that bumper sticker.

    So now we can expect to be taken with absolute seriousness when we ask;
    What IS the obesity rate caused by spoons? I suppose we could now get government funding to study the question, along with studying the effectiveness of bumper stickers as tools for societal change.

  3. We’re all programmed. For example; fill in the blank;

    “Our __________ Infrastructure.”

    I know for certain the word that will occur to at least 90% of you. Possibly 100%.

    And so when that language of causation is used often enough, and it has been, it will occur automatically to a major portion of society.

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