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As stated by CA DOJ in their “bullet-button assault weapon” regulations, AR-15 style firearms with the upper and lower receivers completely detached from one another are not considered “semiautomatic” for the purposes of California’s “assault weapon” laws.2 What’s more, semiautomatic firearms lacking a crucial part (such as a firing pin, bolt carrier, or gas tube) are also not considered “semiautomatic.”

Michel & Associates
July 2018

I wonder how long that will last. Will it last long enough for a new Supreme court to slap down the state of California for those who prefer not to escape to relative freedom someplace else?—Joe]


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  1. The California legislature is already moving to require background checks on gun parts, so I expect this won’t last long … it’s a small step to the philosophy of constructive possession.

    Besides, an AR without a gas tube might be a non-semi, but your neighbor who wants that reward from the tipline won’t care.

  2. So this new registration scheme will prevent mass murder in California now, right?

  3. Selective prosecution, here we come.

    Texas had a problem like this, with “traveling” being an affirmative defense to being illegally armed. Houston DA and cops made you use the affirmative defense in court, after being arrested, posting bail, getting a lawyer, and going to court. The process was the punishment. Texas Legislature finally slapped down this nonsense with a much clearer and more expansive definition of “travel” in state law so even Houston’s DA couldn’t prosecute you for keeping a handgun in your car’s glove compartment.

    But obviously California is going the opposite direction, making selective prosecution much more likely for some gun owners, and much more likely to result in charges and conviction for innocent ownership of legal firearms.

    Good luck with that. There is no solution other than changing the entire legislature like Texas did 20 some years ago, or moving out. I’d suggest Nevada, Texas is overrun with Californians, unless you bring some extra ARs to sell cheap.

    • The process was the punishment.

      Yup, and that could be said of politics in general. Why should you have to go to the polls every year, or give money to lobbying organizations, in an attempt to defend your already guaranteed, inherent rights? Answer; the process is the punishment. The constant battle for “maintaining your rights” is, in and of itself, a deprivation of rights.

      But the ones instigating and playing that game are the law-breakers. THEY break the laws, and WE ARE BUSY DEFENDING OURSELVES. Queer, isn’t it? For some reason we’re not prosecuting them, AND we never will, EVEN THOUGH we have the laws on the books to do it.

      All we know how to do is play THE ENEMY’S game, by THEIR rules, using THEIR system. Like playing the house slot machines, expecting to profit over the long run, it is absolutely certain to fail. The most out-spoken, hard-nosed “advocates” for basic rights protection seem to know only the enemy’s game and the enemy’s system.

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