Quote of the day—Phil Watson

After further examining and scrutiny of printed text on an official I-1639 petition it is apparent that language designated to be changed or removed is not “lined out,” nor are proposed new statutory additions underlined as they appear in the version submitted to the state and published on the Secretary of State’s website.

If petitions being circulated are not “true and correct” it is agreed that we must challenge these petitions and have them legally invalidated.

Since the outset of I-1639, our campaign has raised questions about not just the unethical nature of the initiative and its backers, but also the unethical gamesmanship of the public policy process.

Phil Watson
Committee Chairman
Save Our Security | NO on I-1639
[Regarding a petition intended to be put before Washington State voters this fall.

Via email June 22, 2018.

And from here:



They have to lie to win. Lying has become a part of their nature. I suspect they literally cannot resist the urge to lie. These are evil people committing evil against the people of this state. The signature gathers, the signers of the initiative, and especially the people financing this fraud are conspiring to infringe the rights of Washington State citizens and should be prosecuted.

And via email from Brian Keith:


Keith also said:

The sign on the right says “protect kids from guns.”

This is at Trader Joe’s in Seattle.

So we have a few lies here:

A 20 year old is a “kid”

A law can protect a kid from violence

A 18 year old would only be hurt by owning a gun, and wouldn’t be defending themselves

18-20 year olds are actually attacked with “assault weapons” to a significantly significant degree

People who serve in the military aren’t competent to possess firearms in their daily life

The list goes on…

So, crap for brains, or knows they are lying and just wants power at any cost?

Does it matter?

Brian Keith

Don’t sign this petition.—Joe]


3 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Phil Watson

  1. These are liberals. In Oregon. It could be proven that they lied and the government could say that they lied. Hell they could find at all the signatures were out of state dead people. But you know what? It will still go on the ballot. You know why? Because guns.

    I expect it. When it gets on the ballot I suspect the wording will be completely different from what it actually is. It will pass. And when it goes to court on those grounds the courts will say it is still valid. The circuit court will side with the government and SCOTUS if it ever gets that far will of course refused to hear it.

    • Nevermind the Oregon State preemption statute already makes your state’s proposed gun confiscation by popular vote scheme illegal and invalid. Fuck it. Think of the children!

      Oregon is 100% gone. Time to evacuate.

      • Nothing is illegal if liberals do it. And people have said it before: they are going to hate being forced to obey the rules they set for everyone else. It’s only a matter of time until it catches up to them.They psychologically cannot comprehend the concept of unintended consequences.

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