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Brian Keith provides motivation:

Let’s stop pretending we are better than the Brits.
We laugh at their knife crime epidemic and their fear of guns.
We laugh at how we had to ship guns to them so they could fight back against the Nazis.
Instead of viewing them as an aberration, view Britain as normal.
When no one stands up for freedom, when no one is willing to take risks to pass on knowledge of resistance to tyranny, that fighting spirit withers.
The spirit of freedom shrinks.
And one day you wake up to find yourself watching a march go by your window of people who support the cops killing you because you carry a knife.
Stop assuming it can’t happen here.
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2 thoughts on “Take responsibility

  1. Does this mean that all bread and cheese sold in the UK must now, by edict, be pre-sliced, and all fruits and vegetables be pre-cut, only authorized and licensed food prep professionals being allowed to have cutting implements?

    They’ll have to abandon the hammer-and-sickle as the symbol of communism too, being that those two implements are deadly weapons which should only be possessed by authorized members of the ruling class.

    The possession of any metals would constitute “constructive possession” of deadly weapons also, therefore the British subjects will have to be reduced to Stone Age technology only.

    But that’s nowhere near enough, being that edged weapons and clubs can be fabricated easily from stones like flint and obsidian. All common stones as well, are “Military Grade Weapons”, and if one goes far enough back in history, a sharp wooden stick is a “Weapon of War”. Hands and feet must also be legally restricted, and so it comes down to everyone being hobbled and chained, lest they be able to kill and maim. That’s the ultimate “crime prevention” measure, for if we can move about, and freely use our hands or feet, we might rob and murder.

    But then there are Crimes Against the State which cannot be prevented as long as we have our voices, so cutting out our tongues will become necessary, leave the talking to the experts, for no one else is qualified.

    Once we are thus hobbled and silenced, there will of course be no reason for us to live, for we can no longer serve the State. Having to prepare our food and spoon-feed us is nothing but a burden on State resources.

    All crime will then be wholesale, committed by the State on behalf of The People being killed. Make no mistake; it is not crime, pre se, that is the “problem” being solved with these measures, it is YOUR POTENTIAL ABILITY to commit a crime. So long as you have the physical capability, that capability must be opposed for the sake of security, for if we allow one man to retain any ability to transgress, then no one is safe.

    • As long as we have fists, the potential for crime remains at a non-zero level. The potential to resist crimes, however, not so high.

      The continued effort by our betters to disarm people with no record of violent crime looks like nothing less than the farmer’s debeaking of his chickens so he can cram them closer together and avoid getting pecked when he decides to turn them into chicken parts. Coyotes getting into the coops and having a big meal is a tax-deductible business expense to the farmer. The chickens, of course, feel differently, which is what accounts for the squawking coming from the chickens.

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