Insurance and magazines and the various things

Recently anti-gun people have been making a big deal about the termination of hotel and rental car discounts for NRA members. The belief that this is the reason gun owners join the NRA goes back to at least 2004 in anti-gun organizations:

There are 90 million gun owners in the United States. Only 3.5 million want the insurance and magazines and the various things you get for joining the NRA.

I wonder if there was some backroom strategy meeting where anti-gun people decided they could cause the NRA significant financial harm by destroying the relationships between these businesses and the NRA.

I have occasionally tried to get a good deal renting a car or hotel using the NRA discounts and I have never found it to be as good a deal as I could get via some other channel. Hence, my guess is that these discounts did not result in much business for the hotels and car rental agencies. So, when they were confronted by the angry mobs perhaps they figured there wasn’t that much to lose anyway. So, why have to deal with the hassle?

If they only looked at the loss of the business from people using the NRA discounts I suspect they miscalculated the total costs of that decision. Let’s make that as obvious to them as we can.


5 thoughts on “Insurance and magazines and the various things

  1. I can’t prove it, but I’m certain there has been a backroom deal done to make that happen. I’m also certain that a number of the requests these companies got asking them to sever ties, came from bots. Very little is accidental and evermore, very little is even real.

  2. It’s well known that people join AARP for the magazine and the discounts, so it’s natural for the Leftists to believe that the NRA members are motivated by the same materialist things as the useful idiots on the left. Assuming that AARP members even recognize that the organization is Leftist.

  3. I never gave them business for the discounts but I’m surely going to take business away because they bowed to the anti-liberty mob. I have a half dozen people who work under me that I control their frequent travel arrangements. Guess which companies wont be used again….

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