Quote of the day—Turtledude

1) I have a plan
2) I claim it will reduce crime
3) My plan proposes nothing that actually punishes wrongful acts or increases the penalty on criminals but rather
4) criminalizes currently legal behavior and only applies to people who have not harmed anyone
5) any plan that either targets malum per se activities or DOES NOT harass honest citizens will be rejected as not being “A PLAN”
6) my plan is valid merely if YOUR plan does not harass legal gun ownership
7) that my plan will decrease crime is guaranteed because I have faith that it will

there is the sum and substance of the anti gun side’s Crime control plans as presented by our energetic gun restrictionist

January 10, 2018
Posted in The gun control thread
[This applies to many, if not most, anti-gun people.—Joe]


4 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Turtledude

    • If someone proposes “a plan” which addresses criminal behavior rather than innocent use of hardware anti-gun people will reject it. It means that the behavior of the anti-gun people make it clear the objectives of anti-gun people are about harassing (and/or controlling) “honest citizens” and not about reducing crime.

  1. It pretty nicely explains the New World Order mindset, except for one line;

    “7) that my plan will decrease crime is guaranteed because I have faith that it will.”

    I’d modify it thusly, keeping in mind that the higher level “central planners” know exactly what they’re doing (crushing liberty under an iron fist, ushering in a New Age of Global “Unity” and “Order” that expressly forbids any American-style notions of individual liberty or human rights);

    “7) You shall believe that my plan will decrease crime because I said so– You shall have faith in me.”

    Think ancient Rome, or Babylon, and you’ll understand it perfectly. There is no higher authority, nor any higher concept, than Man and Man’s wishes, and there is no higher Man than the Central Planning Authority– You will bow down to them or die like the vermin you are.

    Obviously, no regular citizen can be allowed to possess arms in such a world. It would be apostasy, or heresy, and we all know by now what happens to heretics. They’re bringing back a mixture of all the old, oppressive authoritarian systems, in a global alliance against liberty.

    It’s not the gun they hate. They love guns. They’ll always be armed, and heavily, with everything Mankind has been able to conceive for the killing of other humans. It’s not the gun, it’s YOU they hate, if you’re not on board. Well, you and the truly Biblical Christians, and they’re convinced that, this time, they can sweep all resistance away. They’ve set the chess board in their favor, and they are very close to that final “pounce” we’ve been discussing.

    • More correctly; if you do not recognize the coming New Authoritarian World Order as your god-king, you are a criminal, by that fact alone (ipso facto). When you hear them talk of reducing “crime” then, you’ll know precisely what they mean.

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