Quote of the day—Ramesh Ponnuru

Public support for a ban on the civilian ownership of handguns has been falling for decades. In 1959, 60 percent of the public favored the idea and 36 percent opposed it. By 1975, support had fallen to 41 percent and opposition risen to 55. Now there’s a 76–23 percent supermajority against the idea.

Ramesh Ponnuru
Senior Editor of National Review
November 6, 2017
Why Gun Control Loses
[Which is why the anti-gun organizations don’t mention handgun bans anymore and in 1988 deliberately pivoted to “assault weapons” which they knew were confused in the public mind with fully automatic weapons. They are now nearly stalled on their “assault weapons” push and are pivoting to “universal” background checks and “Extreme Risk Protection Orders”.

We need to keep encouraging our culture by coming out of the closet and taking new shooters to the range. We are winning battles but the war will never be completely over.—Joe]


3 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Ramesh Ponnuru

  1. Losing control over the narrative, they’re slipping in their ability to get away with lying? Maybe.

    The left’s aggressive push for things like the FCC, public education, the “Fairness Doctrine”, “Net Neutrality” and all the other attacks on freedom of speech have taken them far. So don’t knock it.

    They’ll need to double down on the lies and suppression in the grab for power. My hope is that their extreme behavior will be their ultimate downfall, but on the other hand the very concept of Progressivism means keeping their aggression in check long enough to shift the Overton Window before they launch into further aggression. Baby steps.

    So this is a test of their patience and strategy. They face the problem of freedom-of-speech, which they must oppress. Oppress it too much, too quickly, and people will push back. Wait too long to “pounce” for total control, and it could all slip through their hands. Act too fast and there will be backlash.

    You have to give the Progressives (in both parties) a lot of credit though; they’ve managed to seize a combination of power and wealth that the world has never seen, and they aren’t letting go of it any time soon. You can call them stupid, but they’ve played this “Liberty Is A Crime Against Humanity” game, accusing others of what they do, extremely well.

    They’ll need to keep us back on our heels and walking on eggshells. That much is pretty easy.

  2. The war could be over quickly if the political will ever exists to start prosecuting those that would infringe on specific rights as the traitors they are. A few high profile examples with the appropriate jail time would go an long way.

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