I was afraid of this

As the vote on the concealed carry reciprocity act was going to a vote I started worrying about another mass shooter coming out of the woodwork. A loser trying to make an impact on the world could see the scuttling of the gun rights bill as part of their “accomplishments”. Or perhaps their warped mind would view the bill passage as reducing their opportunity for making a name for themselves. And now we have another school shooting.

Initial reports only mention two shot and that the loser is dead. At this point the loser appears to have been successful in demonstrating their incompetence at being evil.

My sympathy and most sincere condolences to those injured and adversely affected by this loser.

Update (12/7/2017 9:47 AM): At least three are dead.


5 thoughts on “I was afraid of this

  1. I guess you’re not all that cynical. The more cynical view is that this event was scheduled because of the pending bill.

    • You should realize there is the possibility of there being a difference between my personal thoughts and what I put in writing.

      That “this event was scheduled” could also be considered paranoid and/or conspiratorial.

      • Forty to fifty years ago there was a lot of paranoia about a CIA program called MKULTRA. It turned out there was such a program, how effective, now is a separate issue.

  2. Another shooting in a gun-free zone. They are like hunting preserves for criminals, terrorists and whackos.

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