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I’m all for repealing 2a and banning and confiscating all firearms. Give a 90 day grace period and then make all gun possession by civilians a felony.

November 12, 2017
Comment to Hand over your weapons
[Don’t ever let anyone get away with telling you that no one wants to take your guns.

The logistics of this would be “quite interesting” even if the collection points didn’t collect incoming fire. That is a lot of material to dispose of. How do they dispose of the guns without the guns being “reclaimed” in transit? If destroyed onsite how do they keep the site supplied with power and/or fuel for their torches? There would have to be records kept so that individuals couldn’t claim the gun they bought a few months earlier (for which the ATF has the 4473) had already been turned in. What if those records were corrupted or destroyed?

As you start working through the security details of such an operation you end up thinking you could write a novel about it.—Joe]


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  1. Even assuming you repeal 2A – most puttheads like this don’t realize that RKBA (besides being an individual right that many of us would fight to protect, even sans 2A) is enshrined in many State constitutions – including the Washington one.

  2. It’s all good for me, I’ll let my green card lapse, then I’ll be an illegal alien, if it’s good enough for California…

  3. I’m surprised that he did not offer to wave his magic wand so that trees turn into cotton candy, unicorn herds roam the Earth, and all poverty, crime, greed, murder, violence, injustice, ignorance, and sexual perversions are eradicated.

    If a tiny, minuscule fraction of firearms owners say, “No. Now what?” (thanks to Chiefjaybob) then it all falls apart.

    Good people like me will become very determined enemies and PuttsForSix and his family and loved ones will have to live out the rest of their days deep underground in a fortified bunker to continue their nasty oxygen dependency and addiction to their body temperature being different than ambient temperature.

  4. Putts has invested an apparently total faith in the notion of total power and authority for the federal government– There is no higher power, no higher concepts, no immutable rights, no higher authority than his supreme, all-powerful government, which can move mountains just by signing a document. It’s magical. It’s a god.

    There is in fact no such thing, hence the disconnect.

    But that’s not really how it is. Once again, we know, for sure and for certain, that the radical left DOES understand the concept of the immutable human right. They tell us so in the ways they defend and support abortion, AND they don’t care how many lives it costs.

    Therefore this is another attempt at a ruse. Putts is arguing from a fake position, with, therefore, an ulterior motive. They don’t care about saving lives, they don’t care about reducing crime or improving general safety. That much is clear.

    So what do they care about? Total power. Total, unquestionable authority to mold shape, redirect and order the world. Implanted fantasies of grandeur, glory, light and beauty that inevitably result in mass destruction and death. It’s a form of lust that is extremely powerful in some people, and once it’s taken hold it’s near impossible to get rid of it. Anything that threatens or opposes the fantasy is taken as intolerable insult. Worse than blasphemy. A threat to the very planet even. To life itself. If it weren’t for us stupid, backward, sister-humping, small dicked hicks, they could have a glorious, new-world-order existence right now! It’s just on the horizon, and only our backwardness stands in the way!

    Forgive them; they know not what they do.

    • FORGIVE ?….THEM??
      F___ NO!
      As long as “THEY” stay the hell away from me and my freedoms, I’m fine. But NNOOOoooo!!!!!!!!!!
      That’s RACIST, your a BIGOT if you don’t let them control your life and FOLLOW their INSTRUCTIONS to a T!
      I have a sister like that and she’s convinced I’m MENTALLY RETARDED because I voted for TRUMP.
      I cut her off for 3 months, it worked for a month. Alas she just doesn’t GET IT! It may just have to be for GOOD…………………

  5. Germany 1945

    First they came for the Communists and I did not speak out because I was not a Communist
    Then they came for the Socialists and I did not speak out because I was not a Socialist
    Then they came for the trade unionists and I did not speak out because I was not a trade unionist
    Then they came for the Jews and I did not speak out because I was not a Jew
    Then they came for me and there was no one left to speak out for me

    America 2025?

    First they made the guns illegal and people bought more ammo.

    Then they came for the guns, and when the dust settled and the blood was washed from the streets, there was no one left to come for anyone else

  6. Yet again, someone quotes someone else’s statistics without checking.
    There HAVE been mass shootings in Australia in the last 20 years, LOTS of them – but they are not listed as mass shootings because their laws only list those crimes that someone was convicted for; in the mass shootings, that have happened, the killer either shot himself or police shot him – so since there was no one to charge with a crime, the crime obviously didn’t happen!
    Britain uses a similar system where their official homicide numbers come from convictions, not from what actually happened. It is a very convenient way to make your statistics look better without actually doing anything.

    • This is really interesting. I’d like to dig in further. Do you have any links handy? Thanks!

    • I also remember reading that Australia stopped reporting the relevant crime statistics entirely when they shot up in embarrassing fashion.

  7. Govt: Joe, we got the drop on you. We have every gun you own listed in the database that we lied about not having. Gimme.
    Joe: ok, give me a week. … Here they all are.
    Govt: these look like pipes from the hardware store. The numbers are written on with Sharpie, not even engraved.
    Joe: Do they match the database on not?
    Govt: You have two extra pipes in here. You have to take them back; you can’t turn in any guns not in our database. Ok, here’s your paperwork. Pay the lady at the counter and you’re done.

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