Quote of the day—Michael Z Williamson‏ @mzmadmike

I still need to get a barrel blank and a custom set of dies so I can have a rifle in .499 Feinstein caliber.

I keep being tempted to name my guns after contemptible losers in the 2A debate. but my guns deserve better.

Michael Z Williamson @mzmadmike
November 26, 2017
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[I don’t give pet names to my guns (or cars, or body parts, etc.) but I must say I briefly considered an exception to that policy when I read his tweet.

If you don’t get the joke with Williamson’s first sentence leave a comment and someone will explain it to you.—Joe]


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    • .50 BMG is banned in California. But like bureaucrats everywhere, they did the easy thing and just wrote the law saying “.50 BMG is banned,” instead of “all calibers measuring x diameter and/or y muzzle energy are banned.”

      Solution: build a 1/2” diameter rifle with a different name, such as .499 FUCA (CA being “California”) of .499 Feinstein, with the difference in power and bullet size being zero.

      • And any who dares to make such a caliber will immediately be accused of wrongly exploiting loopholes in the law.
        Oddly enough, technicalities and subtle interactions are there to be exploited by Leftists to avoid the rare occasion when one of them is actually held responsible in a material way for something they did above and outside the law. THEN every loophole is fair game to be played any way possible (or any way not too laughable)..

    • I remember when the ban took effect here in the land of Babs, Nan and Di. I was fairly flush then, but not quite enough to swing buying one before the act took effect.
      It’s a very American thing, to buy something before you can’t get it any more, particularly if our political “Betters” don’t want us to have it.

      • Yes the democrats make more people buy guns.
        Sstarting to wonder if they secretly don’t own a bunch of gun stocks.

  1. I like it. But then I don’t want to make DiFi or any other anti-American any more famous.

    But then I would be fun coming up with names to tweak the authoritarians. How about a high velocity varmint round called the 18 USC 242? You think any of them would get it?
    “Having trouble with nasty, uppity varmints infringing upon your property? ZAP ’em! with your two-four-two!”

  2. Some years back, in the 80’s, Dianne got 9mm pistols limited to 10 rounds in CA. With double stack mags, the handles were ridiculously short, so the manufacturers shortened the uppers to keep the proportions, giving birth to the “pocket rocket” a full power 9mm pistol that fit in your pocket. They became fairly popular, and I proposed calling those “Feinsteins”. So you see, she has a track record of designing popular guns.

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