6 thoughts on “Quote of the day—SteveM081411

  1. “deal with me”

    OK, but you’ll have to let me quit laughing first. It may be a while.

  2. “I want your guns melting in pile in the town square, deal with me”

    First; it’s not happening, so get used to it.

    Second; the last thing you want is me and a few million of my best friends “dealing with” you, so you’d best learn to get along and not push it.

    Third; all that burning in the town square would pollute more than a pile books burning in the town square (which we’ve seen from your ilk before), so no.

    Fourth; your irrational fear and hate don’t make you right, nor powerful enough to act in fear and hate against your betters, so again, no.

  3. And I want him and those who think like him rendered down for bullet lube for my cast bullets. I ‘spect neither of us is going to get our wish.

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