Quote of the day—John R. Lott

I haven’t found a single case where gun control advocates’ fears were borne out by the facts.  In not one of these cases did a permit holder accidentally shoot a bystander, or a police officer accidentally harm a permit holder.

There are many more of these cases. Imagine how different the gun control debate would be if  some of these heroic permit holders got national coverage. But even the liquor store shooting in Conyers, Georgia couldn’t get national coverage, despite being caught on video.

The more you learn about these cases, the more you appreciate that mass public shooters have good reason to keep attacking gun-free zones.  These killers might be crazy, but they aren’t stupid.  They realize that the longer it takes for a good guy to arrive with a gun, the more people they can kill.

John R. Lott
November 12, 2017
Good guys with guns saving lives
[We need to eliminate “gun-free” zones and prosecute the perpetrators who created these killing fields.—Joe]


4 thoughts on “Quote of the day—John R. Lott

  1. Check your premises;
    “I haven’t found a single case where gun control advocates’ fears were borne out by the facts.”

    Nor are the fears of others our masters.

    I spent several hours with a panicked personality yesterday. It’s was like something right out of The Exorcist. I cannot begin to try to describe it beyond that.

    It is my sincere belief that a person will adopt her fear as though it were an elixir of power over others; “Because I am afraid, you must tend to me, take care of me, and pander to me… I am now your master…” It’s a promoted phenomenon. It’s being sold to us. Don’t fall for it.

    Fear, like hate, is an adopted affliction. Either one is like taking poison and hoping it will kill the other guy. Since you don’t have fear unless you’ve invited it in and nurtured it, you can also cast it out (if you haven’t fallen too deeply in love with it).

    The one, fleeting moment, out of the entire day, that I saw any reflection of clarity, or glimmer of hope or happiness in her face was when I finally got right up to her and said, “You know what that is! That’s INSANE! STOP IT! STOP IT RIGHT NOW!” And also, “Do you want I should feel sorry for you? I don’t! And I won’t.”

    She loved me for it, like a granddaughter loves a kindly grandfather, or like a sister loves a protective, older brother.

    It’s common. On one of my travels last Spring, I did some business with a widower, a woman of about sixty, now living with her mother. Everything was fine and normal, until we got to chatting a bit more casually. Then it was “THE RUSSIAN MAFIA is after me…”

    Little ole you huh? The Russian Mafia is THAT interested in little ole you, you and your little business selling nic-nacks, clear out here in rural Oregon?

    Likewise it could have been the NRA, or the Republican Party, or white men who own guns, or The Jooze, that were after her, foiling her plans and keeping her from going out shopping, peeking in her windows at night with telescopes from miles away, and such.

    And it’s always an excuse for NOT doing something that one would think is normal, necessary and good. And they believe that shit like you and I believe the sun comes up in the East. Or they think, and try to act, like they do.

    Some people need a little corrective discipline, but our culture has told us that such is rude and offensive, and not loving, and so we’ve forgotten how to do it, and so the mental problems get worse, and so it is that the inmates are now running the asylum, and we’ve brought it all upon ourselves.

    Others have adopted their fears as their masters but neither their fears, nor any fleeting fears of our own, shall be our masters, lest we join them in the authoritarian chain of command of bullies and cowards.

  2. The obvious question to ask is whether those “fears” were honestly held, or whether they were fictions invented to use as excuses to disarm the law abiding. Or to muzzle them, in the case of so-called “fears” used to interfere with free speech.

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