Quote of the day—David Kopel and Joseph Geenlee

For decades researchers have found that many Americans do not understand how strict gun control laws already are. Some elected officials and journalists are similarly misinformed. Widespread ignorance about existing law makes things easier for anti-gun lobbyists who always insist that every notorious crime proves that we need more gun control laws.

David Kopel and Joseph Geenlee
November 8, 2017
What if there were serious gun controls?
[“Many”? How about “the vast majority”?

Other than that it’s a pretty decent opinion piece, but that is as you would expect from Kopel.

Anti-gun people prey on the ignorance of the public.—Joe]


2 thoughts on “Quote of the day—David Kopel and Joseph Geenlee

  1. Gun control advocates are a prime example of the Orwell phrase “Ignorance is Strength”.

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