Quote of the day—Paul Waldman

I’d like to ban guns. Almost all of them, at least the ones in private hands.

We’d be much better off if we abandoned the absurd fetishism around guns that leaves us awash in so much blood and gore. America would simply be safer if we constructed our gun laws like one of our peer countries in Europe or Asia.

Paul Waldman
October 6, 2017
Ban guns
[Don’t ever let someone get away with telling you that no one wants to take your guns.

Safer? Tell that to the people in the Bloodlands: Europe Between Hitler and Stalin in the early and mid 20th Century. Or the residents of Nanking who survived December 1937 and January of 1938. Or read Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn’s The Gulag Archipelago, 1918-1956: An Experiment in Literary Investigation (Volume One). And the more astute should only have to read one paragraph of Solzhenitsyn’s.

And once the safety argument has been completely destroyed lets “have a discussion” about the morality of denying people the best available tools to defend themselves and their families.

If they can’t be swayed I think one must conclude they regard all which we consider hazards of infringing the specific enumerate right to keep and bear arms as features, not bugs. Their first principles must include claiming the necessity of a ruling class with absolute power over the ignorant bitter clingers, or in more modern terminology “basket of deplorables”.—Joe]


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  1. There’s that assertion of “absurd fetishism” too, implying that there are no logical, rational, legitimate reasons for owning weapons; that our interest in weapons comes from being turned-on by the thought of killing, and furthermore that the constitution is therefore protecting sickness. Surely Waldman is projecting there.

    Let’s address also his conflation of criminals with honest, law-abiding gun owners as though they’re a single entity, all having a common fetish for killing, the law and the constitution being no more than fabricated pretenses, or rationalizations, for absurdity. Defense is now offense, and you’ll be more hated as a defender than as an offender because, in addition to your crimes of violence you’re embracing those oppressive, Colonialist pretenses which result in all angst and therefore all crime. You’re the worst of the worst.

    He’ll have more to say against you than against any criminal gang leader, street thug, or mass-murdering dictator. At least the gang leader, street thug and dictator don’t hide behind the law and the constitution, so yes; they are better than you. They’re not so hypocritical, and if you can hide behind fabricated laws that protect your sick fetishes, then it would only serve you right if they made up their own, even more sick and more absurd laws, just to show you what you and your ilk have been doing to others for centuries.

    Through Waldman’s quote, we are looking into the mind of The Enemy. Whether it be to his defense or not, he is merely stating the position of the worldwide left, or the Progressive Marxist movement. In its simplest terms, “There are the hypocrites (you American constitutionalists, who add insult to injury by invoking “God” as your inspiration) and there are the honest ones who at least can see through the hypocrisy and want to punish it (we merry gangsters, thugs and communists)” or simply, “There are two kinds of people, the hypocrites and the honest scum.”

  2. His first mistake is his premise that we have peer nations in Europe or Asia.

    People have fled both regions for our freedoms and constitutional republic over their socialist / communist / totalitarian regimes.

    America, while imperfect, is vastly superior to the countries in these areas in terms of economic, scientific, religious, and political contributions. We slowed or reversed their descent into Nazism and communism for example.

    …and the one thing that helps keep a semblance of honesty from our despicable politicians is the pervasive threat that we are armed to the teeth and can oppose tyranny. They hate that, especially the socialist scum Democrats who want gun control.

    • Exactly right. For one thing, the USA is unique (as far as I know) in having a Constitution that protects civil rights and limits government power. At least in theory — which isn’t much but it helps a bit. Europe has no such thing; if they have constitutions at all, they pretty much amount to “the government has plenary power to do anything it wants to”. Sort of like what Hamilton proposed for the US.

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