4 thoughts on “Trigger Night

  1. Nice!

    That “cultural appropriation” of “white technology”, for bitching on the internet (well, white and Indian) I suppose must remain un-discussed, along with the automobile, blue jeans, the cotton gin, the steam engine, electricity, democracy, radio communications, the Magna Carta, the flush toilet, air travel, vaccines, et al. It would be racist to even mention it. Reality is racist then, and so obviously it must be banned from polite society.

    “Bring us your tired, your poor, your terrorists…your huddled masses yearning to live for free”. (I heard such on Michael Savage today)

    OK, yes; that was all sarcasm. Probably not going to change hearts and minds. I’m still a bad man.

    A man will not be criticized for doing nothing while criticizing others, but he is sure to be criticized when doing something.

    • If an anorexic albino blind black woman dressed up as a sumo wrestler for Halloween, the PC Police would find a way to find it racist.

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