Gun Rights are Women’s Rights

Via Robert J. Avrech:

Some of the comments regarding the video are pretty good:

Feminism doesn’t want women to be safe. They tell women to ignore safety tips to avoid rape because it “blames the victim”, discourages women from arming themselves with mace, pepper spray or even a Taser, telling them that it’s men that should be taught to stop rape instead of them being responsible for their own safety.


feminism like liberalism needs victims.



3 thoughts on “Gun Rights are Women’s Rights

  1. In the long run, men should be taught not to rape. As John Maynard Keynes famously said about economics, “in the long run we will all be dead.”
    They are suspiciously silent on anything specific about how men should be taught not to rape.
    Dogs should and must be taught to sit, stay, heel, and wait until they are in the proper place before relieving themselves. The specifics of this involve much more than wringing one’s hands when the dog fails to meet expectations and requires attention to the matter. For dogs, a spoken “No” may be sufficient for instruction. For the men who do rape, some near-fatal correction administered by the intended victim may be necessary. This of course would require a reversal of Leftist policy, an action as easily done as Custer reversing a Custer decision in “Little Big Man.”

    • And your blog automatically linked this post to one about Iris Chang.The author of Operation Snow, describing how Harry Dexter White and others helped persuade the Japanese government to attack southward and not into Soviet East Asia, tries to make an excuse for the atrocity, claiming it was soldiers out of control. The brief details you gave prove this to be a complete lie. Six weeks, photos sent home, postcards, contests of beheadings, but especially the reportage by Japanese Newspapers. There are sound reasons to see the work of Harry Dexter White and the Soviet Agents as treasonous, but there is no need to attempt to excuse the atrocity of Nanking.

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