Something to remember

On this day of extreme sadness and the predictable attacks on private gun owners remember this evil person could have chosen a worse weapon to kill and injury. From Nice France in 2016:

On the evening of 14 July 2016, a 19 tonne cargo truck was deliberately driven into crowds of people celebrating Bastille Day on the Promenade des Anglais in Nice, France, resulting in the deaths of 86 people[2] and the injury of 458 others.

If “properly” equipped such a vehicle could have killed many times more than this in some Las Vegas venues.


4 thoughts on “Something to remember

  1. On the subject of alternate WMDs…

    I was reminded of the recent story of a police officer that ODed because he brushed fentanyl off his trousers with his bare hands. Just from dust absorbed through his skin, it took 4 Narcan doses to save him. Carfentanyl is 100 times stronger.

    All of this stuff is illegal, and thus, untraceable once it gets into the internal black market. Quite objectively, we can see the government can do nothing until the stuff comes to their attention somehow. They’re not getting leads from the users because a significant number of them are ODed stone dead by the time they arrive.

    So, think with me: let’s say this guy that owned two airplanes couldn’t get guns for some reason. Maybe he saw the ‘no guns’ sign on the casino entrances and said, ‘Well, darn, there goes plan A’. So he goes to a local hobby shop and buys a couple dozen model rockets. He removes the parachute packages and replaces it with open plastic baggies of carfentanyl, then seals the open end of the baggie by shoving the plastic nose cone into the end of the cardboard body. Cut some PVC pipe, make a homemade MLRS. Rigs electric ignition system to all the rockets, put the whole kit in a suitcase and check into a room overlooking a concert using fake ID cloned off an illegal alien. Carefully cuts the glass on sticky plastic sheeting so nothing falls out to warn anyone, tape the tube assembly to the room’s table, put an electric timer in the wall (verify it is off), and then plug the igniter into the timer. Walks out of the hotel and keep walking. An hour later, the rockets go off, their parachute ejector charges push the baggies and nosecones out, and a fine dusting of hyper-heroin coats the crowd. Everyone breathing air ODs, first responders can’t get in the area without NBC gear, there’s not enough Narcan in the state to help anyway, and every step they take raises the killer dust that blows away on the night’s breeze.

    Other than finding a supplier in a major city for a very dangerous-to-handle illegal drug in enough quantity to put a few ounces in each of a few dozen rockets, where’s the hard part? Sure, I say that, but I’ve never tried to source any kind of illegal drug, ever. Apparently, however, there are people of average intellect that can accomplish that on a regular basis and don’t get caught, so… I’m thinking we were lucky that his imagination extended to guns and offing himself. He could have done a lot more damage with a crop-duster. It’s not like the LVPD has MANPADs.

    • If you want to murder random people by the hundreds for years and never get caught chat with me face to face sometime. I think it is way too easy.

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  3. Seems to me that we got off lucky. This guy could have flown one of his planes into the concert like a cross between 9/11 and the Bastille attacks. Would make one heck of a fireball, especially if it were fully fueled and all available passenger space were filled with jerry cans of gasoline.

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